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michelle roberton-jones/breast cancer brightonIn 2013 I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Breast Cancer, resulting in a double mastectomy & a year of gradual reconstruction.

I believed I already knew enough about my body & body acceptance through my past experiences but truly I had no idea. This was a whole new level of feeling like I was loosing my “woman-ness.” It is hard to put into words the effect Cancer has on our lives & even harder to express to others the fear & doubt & heartache we are either trying to cover up or run from ~ its not that people don’t care or don’t try to understand but how can you describe a tomato if you have never tasted one.  Loosing your breasts is exactly the same.

I am offering a free monthly support group for Women with Breast Cancer in Brighton in hope that through my sharing I will be able to help those who are sitting in the fear that I once was & how Authentic Tantric Therapy, body love & kindness to myself helped me through the loss of my breasts & all the emotions that come with that loss.

This is a new “baby” of mine that I feel very strongly about, for I know how difficult it was for me & has been for me to reach out to other women.  No surgeon or nurse can really tell us how breast cancer or a mastectomy  is going to feel or look or effect how we see our selves. In our time together we will share meditation, relaxation techniques to support your journey of recovery & healing, creative emotional release, body movement & most of all a deeply nourishing &  safe space to be heard. This group will start in May 2015.  For more information or to express your interest please contact me here  Warm wishes michelle-tantra-massage-brighton-signature