Busting The Tantra Bullshit.

Tantra has a stigma in society. A limiting idea or presumption that it is all about having great sex for hours and achieving multiple and whole body orgasms. The thinking around Tantra can still be method/goal orientated… as in a means to great sex … but still an “action.” I am deeply passionate about the […]

The Expectations Of Whole Body Orgasm.

In Tantra we are invited to enter without expectations or goals. And yet due to much talk of whole body orgasms there is a presumption that this is what Tantra is about and what will happen. As with any of our expectations in life … we miss out on the other flavours that our mind […]

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How Tantra Is Shared Within The Sessions As A Lifestyle.

In this video I offer a insight into how I shares Tantra as a lifestyle within the sessions of Sacred Touch, deeply listening to each BODY story that maybe holding you back to living a life of love and sensation ♥️  

Self Caress.

When was the last time you gave your self tender caress? When was the last time you made a date with your body?   Gifted yourself with beautiful scented oils and lotions. Lit candles … When was the last time you touched your skin, your body … for no reason or agenda. No particular “have to” […]

Intimacy With The Breath.

Intimately knowing our own breath is something we do not tend to naturally create or allow for ourselves as adults.  We restrict our breath not allowing it to expand into our belly. Or we try to alter and control it through breathing practices. But What if you simply placed a hand on your belly and […]

Tantra Is A Lifestyle Beyond The Bedroom.

Tantra is not something we do in the bedroom to improve our sex life. Of course it expands upon and enriches our sexual experiences but Tantra is a lifestyle… A way of curiously attending to life through the pleasure of body, breath and our senses.      

Sharing Touch As Pleasure.

This Tantric Snippet invites us to experience the sense of taste in a new way that transforms an ordinary, everyday taste into an extraordinary moment of presence … and then to transfer that comparison and experience into sharing the sense of Touch as pleasure.  

Your Sense Of Arousal

In this short sweet Tantric snippet Michelle speaks of our misunderstanding of arousal and the way we habitually “get rid” of it or suppress it rather than delving into the simple pleasure and experience of the sensation of arousal.