Your Sense Of Arousal

In this short sweet Tantric snippet Michelle speaks of our misunderstanding of arousal and the way we habitually “get rid” of it or suppress it rather than delving into the simple pleasure and experience of the sensation of arousal.    

To caress the delicacy of your skin, invokes “something” in me that I have, as of yet to find the words.  

Intimate With Touch

To caress the delicacy of your skin, invokes “something” in me that I have, as of yet to find the words.     A language that can convey to you all that I am in this simple gift. Words seem so incomparable to the galaxies upon galaxies of starlight I feel when holding you in […]

A Life Lived Before And After Tantra.

  In this video I reflect upon and share where I was and how I felt in my body and sexuality, with regards to past sexual abuse … to where and how I feel now.  It is a simple comparison of giving to our selves a life lived in our body or a life lived […]

Yoni Massage For Lovers

In this video, I talk about the benefits of exploring and sharing yoni massage with your lover. Sharing a yoni massage with our lover, opens us to deeper levels of intimacy, new sexual experiences together, richer heart connection, the shedding of masks and emotional armour … and orgasmic bliss.  

Sensuous Moments.

Tantra invites the ordinary to become extraordinary. In this audio We explore our sensual inner world through our spine.

Creativity And Sexuality.

  Your creativity and sexuality are of one source and so when we cut off our lives, our bodies from the waist down and deny our sensual, curious nature as human beings, we begin to live a very dried up, non- juicy life. Remember when you were a child and you breathed long and full […]

A Shared Experience Of Retaining Ejaculation…

After my first session with Michelle, I started to stop ejaculating. This was not planned beforehand, nor was it even a fully conscious decision after. It just seemed that my energy shifted ever so slightly that to retain my semen felt better. I have now gone for 40 days, and have experienced quite a range […]