Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

Sex and Intimacy forms, strengthens, expands and keeps fresh our relationships with our selves and our lovers.  11251777_1662761207299686_6898864914275516043_n

Yet we live in a world where we are only taught the mechanics of sex, the kind of sex that enables us to “go forth and multiply” but not the deep, rich connection with our own sexuality and another’s, that we are all at some point hungry for and seeking. What if we were taught and shown the power of our sexual life force?  What is we were taught to love and nourish our bodies? What if we were taught how to hold spaces for our loved ones to grow? To connect heart, body, soul and breath … What would our personal worlds, in fact the world of relationship, love and sex look like?   Tantra rocked and changed my tiny world from a place that felt separate from me, as dry as the desert sands to a life that is forever flowing … A life that is alive and juicy. And this in all therapists is essential, that we cannot share or teach from where we have not been or dare to go. Tantra comes from heart, soul and “knowing”. the bitter and sweet taste of experience. The courage to meet the edge and step beyond … and beyond.  

On ~ line Sex and Intimacy coaching programs are available for individuals who wish to:     10360364_1653107798265027_1517514247061244950_n

Connect with, own and explore their sexuality and sensuality. To have a greater sense of self love and respect. To let go of poor body image, self limiting patterns and habitual destructive behaviour. To release shame, guilt, fear around sex, intimacy or the fullest expression of who you are. To heal from any sexual trauma and /or fear of intimacy. To release creative blocks. To fully step into, embrace and enhance their sexual and creative potential.  

On~line Sex and Intimacy coaching programs are available for couples who wish to:

Deepen their connection in heart, body and Mind. Improve upon communication skills. Keep sex and intimacy fresh, spontaneous and juicy. Support each other in releasing fear, shame, guilt around sexuality, intimacy and creative potential. To explore and experience and grow as a couple. Learn the “art” of sacred touch.  

Each course is completely and utterly tailored to each individual’s needs and consists of:

  • Weekly 45-60 minute calls where we will discuss and explore a new “lesson”.
  • Home exploration ~ simple tools that are to be integrated into daily life.
  • Limitless email support so that you feel you can reach out in between our calls.
  • A firm but kind heart that will push your boundaries and support you in this life transforming process.

heartTantra is for you if:

  • Feel disconnected from your body and your sexual energy.
  • Lost your va-voom in life and in bed.
  • Feel creatively blocked.
  • Feel disconnected from life.
  • Do not feel at home or safe in your own skin.
  • Hold shame, guilt, fear around sexuality and intimacy.
  • Wish to explore deeper levels of connection and love with your partner and/or yourself.
  • Lack confidence sexually or with communicating your needs and/or fantasies.
  • Blocked financially and/or in walking your talk.

What is required from you?

  • A Financial Investment into YOU.
  • A commitment to daily give yourself time to do your home study.  Those that do reap the changes, those that dont ~ don’t.
  • For couples to have the time for at least 3 hours a week of dedicated play.


On~line Sex and Intimacy For Couples. 8 weeks. £1295 On~line Tantra For Women or Men . 8 weeks. £995 

How To Apply:

Please contact Me to arrange a free consultation simply to make sure you feel at ease with me and ask nay questions you may have.   .