Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

The birth of your baby can be an experience of ecstatic pleasure!                                                                 

For so long … too long!  We as women have been told so many of our natural transitions as a woman will be painful, especially childbirth. We enter what could be moments of euphoria, bliss and celebration with anxiety, fear and a whole bunch of preconceived ideas. As well as this installed fear from society around us, many of us are ~
  • Out of rhythm with our breath.  
  • Out of relationship with our body.
  • Disconnected from our sexuality.
  • Disconnected from trusting our world and signals of sensation.
An Orgasmic birth is not an ideal to add pressure to, to judge ourselves against or to live up to. It is a most natural possibility available to us a women when in trust of our body, sensual signals and breath ~  and the environment of our birthing experience is in alignment with our conscious and intuitive choices.

What your session involves?

Orgasmic Birth sessions are uniquely tailored to you and your pregnancy and provide a methodolgy of : Sacred Tantric Touch ~ This opens a new world to your body of trust, sensation and breath.  It rewires your experiences of sexuality, pleasure and pain supporting you to reconnect heart, sex and birth.   It supports you into feeling at home in your own skin and being able to ride the waves of your breath. Sacred Touch is deeply nourishing and soothing for you and baby.   Breath work ~ this is an essential ingredient  of  orgasmic birth, to be able to be so immersed in your breath, that your breath carrries you over and through the waves.  It enables us to move  with, rather than freeze in fear. Jade Egg ~ I may suggest Jade egg so that you are able to map out the muscles of your yoni, to support in birthing your baby. Movement ~ as a yoga teacher I may suggest some supportive movement. Communication ~ as a doula, I am here as a safe space to voice your fears and support you in your birth plan. Partners ~ partners are welcome to attend some of your sessions to learn breath work and sensual exploration so that you are united in child birth.

A little additional Information:

I am a mother of four and have given birth five times.   I am a trained doula by Michel Odent and certificated in Pregnancy Massage.   I am also the author and voice for Guided Meditations For Pregnancy and Birth.


After your free telephone consultation of which your partner is most welcome to be part of,  you are requested to commit to and pay for your sessions in blocks of 3 at the cost of £495.   A concession of 10% is available for single parents, students and low income families.  Each session is 90 ~ 120 minutes.    A 50% deposit is required upon booking.   Terms and conditions can be read here.  I strongly advise that you ensure you can commit financially to your Orgasmic Birth Journey.  

How To Book:

After contacting me via email I will invite you to a casual chat/consultation by phone before committing to your booking, so that you may ensure you feel at ease with me, and I can answer any questions you may have, or soothe away any concerns or worries.

To contact me or book your session please email me here.

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