This unique six week Orgasmic course for Women in Brighton,  is complied of six 90 minute experimental lessons, in which Michelle offers doorways for us to explore our innate orgasmic nature and how we may share that in the world in empowered creative ways.

Orgasms are a much spoken topic in today’s world.

We can flick through magazines and find “DO this to have this or   amazing orgasm”

But orgasms are not a method. It is not a case of trying or doing new Sex positions or styles of  foreplay to get a result.

To achieve.

This method approach to orgasms, creates a thinking that orgasms are external, that they are something to get to.  And that they are achieved by something we do or is done to us.

Our orgasmic nature is internal.

This means that it is NOT something unobtainable.  And not a case of sex technique…

But something we can remember …  tap into and “allow” ourselves to once again most naturally feel.

As we surrender into our internal experience, it moves with absolute grace and deliciously flowers from within the body and out into the world.


In a grounded and very real way the course includes:

An understanding of orgasms and what is meant by orgasmic nature.
Simplistic “methods” that are easily integrated into our daily life,
Expanding upon our orgasmic experiences as a woman not just in our relationships but in life.
A re~wiring of our sexuality, in which we can make conscious loving choices.
Keys to being deeply within our own skin.
A review of pleasure and our resistance to our pleasure pathway.
From where our creative power flows authentically.
How our sexuality feeds and nourishes all transitions of womanhood.
Reclaiming our sensual self and the power of voice.
A new personal experience of your sexuality,  based on your truth
rather than expectations,  technique and knowledge.


Dates & Cost:

Six weekly sessions commencing Thursday the 21st of March. 
Or via individual contact this maybe paid in two instalments.
50% upon booking.  50% due on the day.
10% concessions for single parents and students.
This group is limited to six women to keep the dynamics shared sacred, safe and intimate. No nudity is involved.


Uniquely Organic Eco Spa.

40 Church Road
East Sussex