Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

Sex and Intimacy are key essential ingredients to a fulfilling, wholesome life. 

It can effect how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, those we love, how we show up in the world, our capacity for pleasure and joy …   even our creative and financial flow. But what if sex and intimacy are the sticking point in your personal life or relationship.  The last place you want to look, yet know you cannot keep putting it off for another day. There can be huge vulnerability about speaking out and asking for help.  Magazines, books even You-Tube videos may offer glimmers of inspiration or hope.  Yet still we may not be getting the source of information that meets our need or the practical steps of how to bring what we desire into the reality of our everyday interactions and life.

The Solution?

I offer sex and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples via email, phone and video chat, providing a unique pathway to the full potential of your sex, supported by methods and home exploration. Sex and intimacy coaching embraces all facets of who you are, enabling this to be more than something you do as a technique.  More of how you live and who you are as sexual, sensual being in the world with the innate desire for love, sex, pleasure and intimacy.  

Sex and Intimacy Coaching can support the healing process of:

  • Difficulties with touch
  • Fear of being physically, emotionally or spiritually close to another.
  • Fear of expressing one’s feelings or emotions
  • “Inability” to feel, give or receive love
  • Disconnection with love and sex for self preservation/protection.
  • Poor body image/confidence.
  • Ownership of womanhood/manhood.
  • Construction of healthy boundaries.
  • Low sex drive.
  • The inability to feel safe in one’s own skin.
  • Lack of trust in relationships,
  • Lack of respect for one’s own sexuality, reducing promiscuity.
  • Lack of connection to one’s own sexual nature.
  • Lack of Body Love and skills to self care and nourish.
  • Lack of motivation, inspiration, mojo and creativity
  • Lack of self and/or sexual confidence.
  • Performance Anxiety.
  • Perceived inability to reach orgasm.
  • A feeling of unsatisfactory and unfulfilling sex.
  • Lack of desire.
  • A rekindling or renewed connection with self and/or a partner.

How To It Works and How To  Book Your Personal Sex & Intimacy Coach.

On receiving your enquiry and details of your specific requirement, I will invite you to a free (up to 10 minutes) casual chat/consultation by phone before committing to your booking so that you may ensure you feel at ease with me and I am the right therapist for you. Thereafter we will schedule dates and times agreeable to the both of us.  After 17 years of witnessing the changes in others,  it is those that commit to the sessions fortnightly and have no less than six sessions that receive the best results, moving forwards in their lives in full ownership of their body and sex. In between the dates we meet and delve deeper into your adventure,  I am available for “check in’s” via whatsapp or email.  


Individual coaching package:  Six 45 minute sessions with unlimited email/Whatsapp checkin’s. £1,295 Couples coaching package:     Six 45 minute sessions with unlimited email/Whatsapp checkin’s.  £2,295 A 50% deposit is required upon booking. Please read terms and conditions here.  The remaining fee is due 10 days before we begin. I strongly advise that you ensure you can commit financially to your Sexual Healing.  Making an investment into the process of connecting with your sexuality and sensuality creates changes in the WHOLE of your life.