Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

Take time out of this fast pace world, to be playful      with your lover and allow your love, sex and sensuality unfold and move you in new ways.

During this 3 hour Tantra workshop in Brighton, Lovers are offered a delicious tapas of sensual delights to enrich and deepen your connection with each other.

In a warm, candle lit space I offer you sacred moments with your lover, providing simple, fun guidance for the two of you to grow as you explore the realms of tantric love beyond the mechanics of busy, modern day life. Tantra invites each moment with your lover to be fresh, an ever -changing new experience of intimacy and sex, respecting that this moment has not been before and therefore you as a person are new. Touch becomes curious, present and deeply satisfying. On your afternoon of Tantric play and adventure we will use the art of mediation, ritual, breathing, movement & touch. There will be no nudity, the idea is to offer suggestions and exercises that you then “hurry home” to practice and expand upon. Tantra is not a one-off experience but something we take time to integrate into the practicalities of daily life to make our life and our relationships an experience lived from the pleasures of the body rather than the chatter of the mind. The workshop is limited to four couples to keep the experience intimate.
“My partner and I attended Michelle’s mini workshop “Tantra for Lovers Valentine’s Day” and were introduced to the gentle, yet powerful presence of Tantra. Michelle held a loving space for us to explore a tapas of exercises which was lead with sensitivity and presence. It was such a joy to be able to have time and space to explore our bodies through touch, breath, massage and meditation along with using our senses to smell and taste with a freshness and curiosity of a child – it felt fun, heart opening and tender, which was a perfect introduction for us both. 
It has helped us both to connect on a deeper level and explore the heart of Tantra for ourselves.
I really appreciate Michelle’s honesty and love and know that she is offering a great gift to many who are ready to embrace this practise of awareness and self acceptance.” ~ Anne Marie. Brighton.

Venue, Date. Time And Cost.

Sunday 14th October 2-5pm.  The Yoga Garden Swallows Lane Dial Post Horsham West Sussex RH13 8NN £140 per couple.    Booking and payment must be made in advance. Buy Tickets. Please bring with you a sarong and advise me of any food/skin allergies.