Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

What Happens During A Tantric Massage?Tantric Massage is an Ancient form of Sacred Touch that Harmoniously Unites Sexuality, Spirituality, Body & Mind…

In today’s world tantric massage is “sold” to lovers for the benefit of bringing new aspects to their sexual relationship ~ a deeper connection, a richer, more fulfilling sex life, an intimate knowing of the other.

But there are authentic Tantric Therapists such as myself that offer this sacred art for healing and tantric initiation.

Held within us all, is a limitless power that we have suppressed and laid to lie mostly dormant in our genital area, using only for the primitive act of sex. Yet this energy unleashes and unfolds so much more to who we are and what we can achieve… .

Our sexual energy can, to illustrate a few ~

  • Heal our body and mind.
  • Promote the release of sexual trauma or difficulties, whether it be from abuse or giving birth… impotence, premature ejaculation, fear of sexual commitment, relationships & intimacy.
  • Grounds us within our body, igniting self love and respect.
  • Awakens us to our true self and highest potential.
  • Allows enlightenment to be realised for it happens within this human skin not as an escapism to another dimension.
  • Supports us in feeling safe in our own skin while surrendering to life’s natural flow.
  • Encourages sex to be a whole body and loving experience without goals or agendas of the mind.
  • Enrich our relationship with our true self.
  • Deeply connect us with another.
  • Allow our senses to awaken, living a sensual life.
  • Give us a immense pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Release a creative force that weaves in and out of our daily lives.
  • Unleash our potential as a spiritual being.
  • Expand our consciousness.
  • Bring a sense of presence to our life.
  • Reveal a way of seeing life without the illusions of the mind…
  • Allow bliss to permeate into each moment of life.
  • Unite our feminine & masculine energies, our sexuality & spirituality, promoting wholeness within.

What Happens During A Tantric Massage?

  • tantra teacher brightonAn Authentic Tantric Therapist worships the whole of the body, mind and soul… using gentle caress, her feminine intuition, pure loving intention & the lightest of finger tip touches ~ consciously building up sexual arousal, allowing it to flow through to the parts of the body that hunger for it the most.
  • A tantric massage usually finishes, depending on the needs and progress of  each individual with a yoni or lingam massage which fires the kundalini to move up through the body, thus creating moments of awakening ~ a blissful whole body orgasm.
  • Unlike the erotic tantric massage shared between lovers or offered by erotic masseurs, a tantric therapist although igniting the flames of pleasure & passion within, does NOT use masturbation techniques on the lingam or yoni. The techniques are purely for massaging these areas and creating new senses of arousal.
  • The individual is then left to rest for a while in the warm glow of his/her own ecstasy.

How Do I Book A Healing Tantric Massage?

  • To book your tantric experience with me, please first read more here
  • To help you decide which tantric massage is for you please read here
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