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An Honest and brave Journey Of Touch.

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Fate brought me to Michelle’s site – an article in a magazine about Yoni massage, a blogger who had written about Michelle and then Michelle’s site itself.

It seemed to me that it was all meant to be, however I was beyond terrified.

Being touched by others and even touching myself was deeply unpleasant. I had honed the practise of disassociation and convinced myself that touching me was repulsive to others. 

The time came where I knew I had to do something drastic. When you’re petrified of touch and trusting others, contacting someone to touch you seemed insane but I was in a corner and knew if I wanted to start fully living I needed her help.

I read Michelle’s site over and over again, ‘Mother wounds’ resonated with me and I innately knew Michelle would understand not only the sexual abuse but also the emotional abuse and significant ‘Mother wounds’ that ruled my life.

Paying for three sessions was a gamble but could I afford not to see her? I decided I couldn’t.

With Michelle’s quote in my mind of “All journeys in life require strong beginnings of courage, love, honour and trust” my journey began.

It is a journey needing bravery( it certainly was for me) however if you 100% commit to following everything Michelle guides you to do,  not only in the truly beautiful space she offers you but also her support and guidance in between sessions, the rewards will be truly magical.

Already after only 4 sessions my life has changed dramatically. I was initially worried that the experience would seem sexual to me or my body would let me down again and not understand what it felt – in actuality nothing is further from the truth.

Your body and Michelle will talk between themselves in an awe  inspiring way.

I am not sure words have been created yet that succinctly describe what working with Michelle feels like so I would say take a risk, take  a deep breath, drop her a line and press send.

You and your body deserve Michelle’s guidance, her care and ultimately her healing touch.”

Kim |West Sussex

You may read more reviews of the experiences and changes created in the work between myself and others.

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