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There is this powerful, wildness, warm & divine that flows through me, one I have tried to manipulate & “shame away” since childhood.

There was always something not quite right… quite “wholly” about the displays of sex I saw & experienced as a child.

I knew early on the people around me were not truly understanding or respecting, not only the act of sex but its limitless potential of power.

It seemed something that others perceived separate of their being, not one & part of & most definitely not of body, mind, heart & soul.

Due to my upbringing much of my teenage years & early adult hood was a mixed confusion of sexual experiences, shame, hunger for “more than this…”, lack of satisfaction in sex, who I was & well, life…

I entered a marriage that held the belief that sex was something primitive & mechanical, I was a wife, a mother of four but desperately lonely… & still there was this fire that writhed its way through my insides… telling me there was more. Much more…

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All I had to do was BE silent, BE sensuous & listen.

My Life has been my learning.

I believe there is no greater wisdom or compassion than experience.

No intellect can guide us where it has not been.

At the tender age of 43 :) and what appears many lifetimes later, I am not sure there is any life situation I cannot empathise with.

Life has taught me well with its tapestry of colours…

…from sexual abuse, to drugs, to homelessness, to the loss of a child, from life threatening illness to near a death experience, from marriage to single parent hood, to the loss of both breasts.

But I sit here, writing to you hand on my heart, knowing I would not change a nano second of this life.

It has shaped me into this woman who knows no limits into sharing her “isness”, her love, who longs to guide you into delicious spaces of bliss, that just keep unfolding life… you, your body, your mind… your heart.

brighton tantra teacher michelleI am passionate about my “work” & “souly” committed to guiding others to connect with their “sex” & “own” its limitless power in a sacred way.

Uniting their sexuality, spirituality, body & mind so that sex becomes a sharing of fullness that “spills” in rich abundance into all areas of life. No more separate pieces of who you are or what life is.

I deeply care about the “future of sex” for not only us but our children.

I believe we deserve to know & trust touch & intimacy. We deserve to know our limitless potential. We deserve sacred relationships.


I see the gift of pleasuring & healing another through sacred touch

as a sensual sharing of who I AM…

I “pour” into another & this is richly rewarding.

My touch holds love given unconditionally from an open heart,

the gentle caress of my soul,

the warm radiance of inner beauty…

…the divine power of my sexuality.


I have been a therapist of bodywork & energy healing, intuitive counsellor & voice of meditation since 2000, yet I feel I cannot tell you in truth when the path of  tantra began for me, for I strongly believe it is a knowing we are all born with… this undeniable, indefinable connection between who we are, love, sex & life.
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Sacred Tantric Touch is not something I “do” as a Tantric Therapist – it is a song that sings from my heart that cannot be lulled into silence anymore …for it is my Being. It is what makes my sharing with you ~ sacred.


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