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Tantric Adventure For Lovers

If we were consciously guided into greater experiences of our own sexuality and  sensuality… 

If intimacy, touch and the expression of feelings was not such a taboo, I feel relationships would not suffer as much as they do in our modern world. 

So often we grow up not knowing how to touch and love our own bodies let alone another.

I am deeply passionate about the ever evolving relationships between lovers.

Supporting lovers to move beyond limitations and reach the depths of not only their own sexuality and sensuality but enrich and expand upon the potential of pleasure with partners creating not simply sex between two people of the genitals, but a deeply fulfilling sensual journey of the whole body.

Intimacy & Conscious Sex Course For Lovers.

This profoundly beautiful Adventure for lovers has at the heart of it a passion to offer a simple yet meaningful “box of delights” for couples, that can be easily integrated and sustained in the busy-ness of everyday life.

Our time together, gently approaches relationship resistance or current challenges to move beyond fears, old beliefs, habits, old hurts and conditions placed upon and around love, sex and intimacy to create:

  • A new inviting space between you to nourish your relationship.
  • Richer bonds of trust.
  • An ability to surrender and flow with your lover, consistently co-creating expansive experiences of love, pleasure and sex.

What Is Explored On The Day?

 In a warm, candlelight space I offer you sacred moments with your lover, providing gentle guidance and encouragement for the two of you to grow as you explore the realms of sex, love beyond the mechanics. 

On your “modern day” Tantric adventure we will explore how to enrich and deepen your relationship through ~

  • Breath
  • Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Seduction & flirtation.
  • The art of whole body sensual touch.
  • Yoni and Lingam Devotion.
  • Conscious sex.

After Care

You will leave your afternoon with new playful suggestions of how to nourish, support and connect with yourself and your lover. 

Three Lovers Play Dates will be set bi-weekly to complete within a six week time frame, requesting that you each commit to creating one a week.  

We will share two fortnightly phone calls to check in with your experiences, offer support of any obstacles that may have showed up for you and to offer more playdate material.

More Info

Yes! If …

  • You are BOTH seeking a richer connection to each other beyond the mechanics of life.
  • Touch, Intimacy and time have lost priority in your life.
  • You know that you just cannot keep going around in unfulfilling circles in life anymore.
  • You simply want to know MORE of each other and explore in NEW ways.
  • Not able to commit to a process and are seeking a quick fix patch up.
  • Not open to huge transitions in how you feel and your life.
  • Not wanting to change and to keep your stuckness.
  • Wanting “the work” to be done for you or to you as a form of rescue rather than empowerment.
  • Expecting this all to be about  GREAT SEX.
  • Each course is intuitively tailored to your lifestyle and needs as a couple.
  • I ask that you understand that Tantra is an organically unfolding process and that you financially are willing to commit to that, that when we invest in our relationships and sexuality OUR LIFE CHANGES.
  • In some circumstances, I may suggest that it may be of great benefit for an individual to see me alone. This may be because one of you has some personal beliefs to address which is kinder away from your partner and of importance to your development as a couple. If this situation arises, the cost is additional.
  • I am fully clothed during these sessions, which may seem “odd” to you, as you and your lover are not, but this is because my intention and focus here, and yours, is purely on enriching your relationship as a couple.  It is not about me or my body at all.

The total cost for your personal afternoon adventure with me, including two telephone check ins with further playdate suggestions ~ 


Please contact me to book, where upon I will suggest we share a casual telephone call on speaker, so that you and your partner may ensure you both feel at ease with me and to offer you the time, to answer any questions you may have. 

A 20% non-refundable but transferable deposit will be requested to commit to your booking.  The remainder is due on the day. 

Please read my terms, conditions and etiquette.

Warm Wishes

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Testimonials & Praise

“We have really enjoyed working with Michelle. There has never been any awkwardness, on the contrary, everything has felt really natural and easy. Working with Michelle has really allowed us to drop into our relationship in a deeper way, and has increased our intimacy and trust which has spilled out into other realms of our relationship. Focussing on touch and pleasure rather than sex as an outcome has deepened our enjoyment and intimacy together. Thank you Michelle for the way you create such an honest, profound and nurturing space.”
J & Nikki
East Sussex
“We went to see Michelle after viewing her website as we wanted to have an experience of her Sacred Tantric Touch Massage. We went with no real expectations and what we experienced was the most beautiful, honouring and deliciously loving togetherness. We were both shown, in a most respectful and honouring way, how we could be with each other and touch each other in a sacred and new way for us. Michelle is a very dedicated and experienced practitioner and a master of her craft. As a married couple we have found her teachings deeply profound for us both and we would highly recommend her to anyone, singles or couples, wishing to deepen their relationship”
John & Annie
“We can’t thank you enough for Saturday – we both gained so much from the tantric experience. You are so gentle and yet so professional in your manner that you create an atmosphere that put us both at perfect ease. We took your advice and on Sunday we lit some candles, used the lovely oil that you gave us, and truly had an amazing experience. Ben massaged me, and it was something way beyond anything that’s ever happened to me before. Clearly he is a quick learner! I didn’t worry about his back (lol) and found myself almost in another place – crying and head spinning – but all in a good way. We would love to see you again, both together and separately, so I will be in touch with some possible dates very soon. Thank you so much again for being such a wonderful teacher.”
Angie & Ben
..“Michelle is a truly super lady, who is both very ‘earthy’ and yet still grounded in real-life in both her attitudes and teachings. We came to her with no prevalent sensual or sexual ‘gaps’ for a stepped change and guidance along a path that we wanted to follow and did not know how to start upon: in order to jump towards greater fun in our experiences and living and of course, heightened ‘body’ experiences. After a few sessions together with Michelle and then to our surprise alone with Michelle(!), she guided us towards and along new paths that we had not realised existed. We are a long-term married couple with grown-up children so we were excited to be able to find new goals and foci to continue our exploration of live, love and sensuality. Michelle showed us that this is a continual journey that can take us as far as we want to go and as deep as we would like: which is exactly what we wanted.”
Bill & Cecilia

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