Tantric Massage Tution For Lovers

Sacred, Sensual touch shared between two lovers can bring a whole new feel, depth and dimension to a relationship… that expands far and beyond life in the bedroom.                                

I personally feel that the sex education we receive in our teenage years, only speaks of the basic mechanics …this goes here, that does that, which equals this.

But beyond this “Mcdonalds Sex” there is steak and something unspoken in all of us knows this.

If we were consciously guided into greater experiences of our own sexuality and  sensuality… if intimacy, touch and the expression of feelings was not such a taboo, I feel relationships would not suffer as much as they do in our modern world. So often we grow up not knowing how to touch and love our own bodies let alone another.

I am deeply passionate about relationships between lovers and supporting lovers to move beyond the limitations of the mind and reach the depths of not only their own sexuality and sensuality but enrich and expand upon that of their partners ~ creating not simply sex between two people of the genitals, but a deeply fulfilling sex of the whole body that reaches the heart.

A sharing of sex that moves far and beyond that which the mind can control or conceive.

Tantra brings a rich, nurturing and deliciously satisfying touch and sensual experience to our relationships.

Not only this, but it intimately enhances our connections with ourselves, our own bodies and sense of who we are enabling us to be an “expression” of our pleasure rather than dependent on other to be the source of pleasure. This sharing is what beautifully creates a non-dependant and profoundly intimate communion with our lover.

It forms bonds of trust, moves beyond fears, old beliefs, habits, old hurts and conditions placed upon and around love and intimacy, offering us a nourishing and totally unconditional experience of sex and love …

And of course brings a divinely delicious, always changing, ever moving new experience to daily life and sex, keeping our relationships fresh and us in a juicy state of curiosity. 

A Tantric experience whether that be a massage, a lovemaking session, a life experience or meditation is never the same… one experience builds upon and expands the other, reaching new heights of consciousness and orgasmic bliss.


Tantric Massage For Lovers

A Tantric massage session for lovers provides the guidance and support that we need to move beyond the mechanics … we all at some time realise there is more to our sexual energy, our bodies and how we share that with another … this “hungry knowing” that seemingly cannot be fed by “fast food sex” is what drives me to share my wisdom with lovers for it is this hunger that may on one side of the coin spark an exploration of our sexuality and sensuality or on the other cause feelings of fulfilment in our sexual relationships.


Tantra Private Tuition Sessions for Lovers & Couples

tantra teacher brightonDuring a 4 hour session with me, you will learn how to give your lover a Tantric Massage.  I will warmly support you both in the art of sacred tantric touch not only through the intuitive and conscious steps of massaging and touching your lover but through other ways in which you may deepen your connection after our time together. These steps are unique to each couple, I have no one way of sharing, for each couple’s and individual’s needs vary.

You may book me to attend your own home, which I personally feel helps you as a couple bring the experience into your space & life as a couple or you may choose to spend the afternoon in my home.

I am fully clothed during these sessions, which may seem “odd” to you, as you and your lover are naturists, but this is because my intention and focus here, and yours, is purely on enriching your relationship as a couple.  It is not about me or my body at all.

I suggest we share a casual telephone call so that you and your partner may ensure you feel at ease with me, to answer any questions or soothe away any concerns or worries.

Each 4 hour session to learn Tantric massage and tips for you as an individual couples costs £649.

To contact me or book your tantric massage session for couples, please email me here.

Warm Wishes






Tantric Massage Ritual for Couples Session Gift Vouchers

Beautifully designed Tantric Massage Session Gift Vouchers for your lover are available now, and make a unique and beautiful gift for valentines day, or any day of the year. Send me an email to order a gift voucher, or to book your tantric massage session now.

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