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Creativity And Sexuality.

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Your creativity and sexuality are of one source and so when we cut off our lives, our bodies from the waist down and deny our sensual, curious nature as human beings, we begin to live a very dried up, non- juicy life.

Remember when you were a child and you breathed long and full and deep down into your little rounded belly … most naturally.  And you ran simply for the hell of it, you danced barefoot on the dewy grass.  Told stories to all that would listen, sang from a pure heart, baked cakes with love, painted masterpieces that were hung with pride on the kitchen fridge.  You were curious to know, to explore how the snail made that silver path … how the moon followed you all the way home.

You touched everything with fingertips so alive and hungry to explore.  Offered all to your nostrils to smell, your tongue to lick and taste.

You were content to lie on the ground and hear the drumming of the Earth’s heartbeat, the crunch and rustle of leaves, hear the clouds drift with grace upon the wind.

You truly knew life, not from your mind but from your heart, your body, your senses.

You were full, radiating with life from the inside out… in touch and at-one-ment with your creative/sexual/sensual magnificent self.

And then for whatever reason … maybe one day you breathed deep down to your belly and arousal occurred … and there was shame and guilt and confusion OR maybe someone took that deep breath and ability to be in your body away …

But for whatever individual reason, you stopped breathing down deep to the fullness of your belly, to the source of you. 

And creativity and sexuality got separated. 

Until one day without the nourishment of your breath reaching out into the cells of your skin, without the juicy river of honey running through you … creativity and sexuality stop.

Something always feels missing.

And that “missing” is the sensual, alive, curious YOU.

So just for today, begin by letting this breath be savoured, tasted. Let this breath be enough.  Let it be long, deep and full, taking it all the way down and through your body, feeling the breath, not thinking.  Feeling the breath as it fills your belly with life and kisses with tender lips all those parts of you that have been sleeping.



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