Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

Intimately knowing our own breath is something we do not tend to naturally create or allow for ourselves as adults. 

We restrict our breath not allowing it to expand into our belly.

Or we try to alter and control it through breathing practices.

But What if you simply placed a hand on your belly and felt your breath?

Created an invitation for feeling … not thought. 

Felt the rise of your belly caused by your breath … just as you naturally did as a newborn. Rode its waves with complete surrender.

What if you invited curiosity about the sensations that arise from your breath …not analysing, just noticing a sensation.

How space softens and expands…

Intimately knowing our breath … it’s natural rhythm, it’s consistent ability to flow … to always return back to us … how it surrenders, 

Allows us to fall into trust … trust of the breath.

Allows us to intimately know our self … our body, it’s sensations. And then life and others.

And most of all supports us to trust in something bigger and beyond … that flows and returns as a constant throughout our life.

Each day, take small moments to pause.

Place your hand on your belly and allow yourself to play with the feeling of intimately knowing your breath.

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