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What Is Sacred Tantric Touch?

Sacred Tantric Touch is an initiation.

A door way offered to us to explore and remember our sacred heart, sacred body and the sacredness of our sex.

And in that remembering an expansion happens within that has nowhere else to go but to profoundly touch all of our life.


No longer are we small.  We are overflowing ..

More love. More breath ... more life.

We have accepted An invitation to taste the delicacy of all life’s pleasures … and no matter how unseen by a naked eye, we have been altered.

Tantra is NOT… I repeat NOT all about Sex, withholding ejaculation and intense orgasms.

I will be honest and say thats a bit boring now and is keeping us limited within western world obsessed sex boxes …

Sure Sex sells and Sex needs shaking up but we are not sharing the truth of the WHOLE Tantra cake!

Tantra embraces our sexuality, our body as a catalyst in deeply knowing our fullest potential and experiencing the fullest expression of life available to us.

Yet sex is not its only methods.

To keep western Tantra tied just to sexual practices, keeps our lives limited too.

Tantra has golden threads to weave through the whole of life … not just the performances in our bedrooms.



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