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Awaken and embrace the strength of you as a sensual, creative Woman!

A beautifully unique 14 day adventure into your sensuality.

This truly delicious adventure always amazes me with the rich magic it just keeps revealing the deeper we integrate, the most simplistic methods that can be integrated into the busiest of daily life, effortlessly.

I share these steps from a place of knowing how to the very core they awaken all the essential parts of our feminine nature.

From a place of distrusting my own body, sex and a big dose of “not loveable” they gently beckoned me into all that I am.

Together we will explore creative expression, body love and tantric meditations so we may unravel, witness and let go of any armour that  may have been built to protect your femininity or hide your beautiful glow.

I offer you a warm and simple space for your womb and sacral to awaken,

your heart to open and connect …

So you may immerse deeply into your skin in new ways and remember the majestic beauty of you as a sensual woman.

Your sensuality is the key to embodying your unique woman~ness and living a life that is full and satisfying.

If you desire to feel an aliveness singing in your bones, If you desire to feel abundant, inspired, creative. If you long to feel rooted here … Belonging and connected to heart, body and sex. Then this adventure is for you!

14 video classes with simple steps that you can integrate into your daily life.

Audios to support methods discussed in videos.

Journal and pen. The gift to self of some rich oil or body cream. A strawberry, mango, kiwi or melon. Sacred time for you. No phone, No internet. Just you.

No experience required, just a brave, courageous heart and a longing to connect with your true sensual nature.


For lifetime access and a sensual life!

Testimonials & Praise

"Despite being in a very loving relationship, I was not completely at ease with my sexuality, or enjoying sex as much as I knew was possible, Michelle and Katie’s guidance through their powerful techniques helped me to understand more deeply some of the reasons around this, and I’m definitely feeling more sensual! “
Hello Michelle

I have only managed to make time for a relatively small participation in the course (and look forward to it being there for me when I land again) but I am sure that small participation has been part of a wonderful period of recovery and growth in a therapeutic journey lasting 10 years

I appreciate being held and guided through, on the surface, very simple, every day actions Yet, to know the power of them (and realise my previous resistance to them was connected to that power) The power to stop time and empower my own innate ability to love and heal It’s a gift that keeps returning Like, I imagine I’m in a hurry to get to my to do list, I shower, and then decide to spend an extra few minutes paying attention to my skin, or saying ‘thank you’ to my feet Knowing my body can tell a different story to the one it was conditioned to tell It is gold, real gold

With love and thanks
Hello lovely Michelle I found the course hugely beneficial, just after I started it my husband was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, so the practices gave me space for myself to come to terms with all the changes we were having to adjust to.

Then a month later he unexpectedly and very shockingly passed away… I know that the strength and wisdom I got from your course and my own practices have helped me to cope and allow the sadness and grief to flow through me, enabling love and gratitude to build a firm foundation for the life that I now have to live without his physical presence.

Gifts come to us for a reason, so thank you.
“Taking part on the online course with Katie and Michelle revealed some new surprising, deep and significant revelations about my sensuality, which I wouldn’t have arrived at without the help of their heart based work. Thank you to you both, keep going with this enchanting heart and important work!” All the best
To learn any of the self care practices even if taken on for 5 minutes a day, has been a very worthy course. I especially appreciated your sensual self massage. Also I found it interesting as you said around having children, but showing them we can all have our own space and self time. I think this is really empowering for women, as we often hear practitioners and clients say they don’t have time or say ‘I understand you don’t have much time’ but here you were empowering women to take the time and that also stuck in my mind.


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