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Tantric Initiation For Women

In Tantra we call the vagina, “yoni,”

This is a Sanskrit term which, when translated reveals a whole new perspective of the vagina. A meaning that holds love, devotion & honour.

She is called “sacred space” or “sacred temple”. I feel this Sanskrit translation is a beautiful reflection of how the yoni is seen, caressed and respected in authentic tantric massage.

This way of “being” in relationship to the yoni, is I feel not only important for men to integrate into their understanding and sexual journey of the female genitals but women also.

Too often in Western society, the yoni is seen as a separate, private part to our whole body and life. We call her “down there” or our “private part”.  We feel her function in life is only for sexual pleasure, sexual relationships or for the birthing of a child.

I am so often asked why Tantric massage includes the yoni and lingam.. and my answer is: why not? Is it not part of who you are? 

Our genitals are not separate parts to who we are, to only be invited to “come out to play” for sex and special occasions.  Without the acceptance and integration of our Yoni, the reclaiming of our sexual essence and living from a “rooted” place, we cannot fully embody our soul and our passions into our daily lives. Our Yoni is a sacred part of our body, of which when seen and touched from a space of love is no different to any other part of your body that you allow touch, pleasure and healing.

Your yoni has a “voice!” She has secrets to tell, ancient feminine wisdom to share, guidance to your fulfilment to offer, emotions and pain to release. She is your internal compass through life. She is the roots of which you can grow up and expand from. She is your unique thumbprint in the world.

Without her grounding qualities and the self permission for pleasure that she invokes, life feels numb, fearful and colour~less. Pleasure and healing come hand in hand, as our bodies relax and release withheld trauma and tension. Your shoulders, your neck, your jaw line holds the stresses and traumas of life …your yoni is no different. In fact she is so sensitive, that she is more susceptible to store unhealed emotions of the past and present.  It is not unusual when using sacred touch on a yoni for a woman to feel overwhelmed with different emotions ranging from anger, isolation, rejection, shame to ecstatic pleasure. I am there as a “midwife”  to guide and hold a space for a woman through the expression of ALL that she is.  All is welcome … to unleash whatever may arise to be seen without judgement and unconditional love.  

An Authentic Yoni Healing has no goals; it is a very present experience of the senses that unfolds. Therefore orgasm and climax are not an aim or a place we are heading to.

It may happen, it may not …that is neither here nor there or my intention as a tantric therapist. My only wish is to guide you home to the safe container of your body. To your Yoni, your voice and heart and teach you to listen to the deepest, most magnificent parts of you, for yourself.

A yoni massage is not a form of masturbation.  It is a very conscious and present form of healing and loving touch that reunites love and sex and immerses your body into sacred union with itself. To be totally present for another ,allows the body and yoni to melt and let go.  Any outdated layers of body armour to dissolve. If orgasm does occur it is a healing and freeing experience rather than sexual and not something we have tasted before.  The orgasms are non~ sexual,  deeply nourishing and satisfying for the body and yoni. The body moves into a state of bliss and wholeness for it has been recognised as a “whole” often for the first time.  It is an expansive feeling of mind, body and soul bringing a sense of unity with our woman~ness.  This is of great personal importance to bring a woman in tune with her own womanhood, to open the doorways that reveal a strong, open, sexually empowered, sensual woman ~ NOT for the man in her life, but for herself.

Healing Yoni Massage

I am sure the list of the benefits of a yoni massage has not reached its limit as tantra brings something new & fresh to each unique individual I have had the honour of working with. But to bring light upon this ancient practice that can be seen with such a limited view, I have provided you with a few healing experience that conscious sacred touch of the yoni may bless our lives with.. A healing yoni massage supports a woman in witnessing, transforming and releasing emotional pain and suppressing beliefs, be that from sexual trauma, abuse, difficult sexual relationships or trauma experienced during childbirth. Yoni Massage is a deeply spiritual practice that invites each woman to connect to her inner Goddess and express the beauty of her unique femininity.

Yoni/ Heart Massage Supports the Healing Process of :

Yoni / Heart Massage Invites into a Relationship With Another:

It allows a wide range of orgasms & climax experiences never tasted before, for the woman to immerse herself into for personal exploration of her body & femininity ~ revealing, deepening and expanding her sensuality and sexuality. .

Tantric Initiation & What Your Session Involves:

Each woman is a unique individual, I therefore cannot and do not measure time as such but allow the healing to unfold as the true essence of tantra. Each session lasts approximately 120-150 minutes. Sometimes a session may be longer or shorter in time than another.  I feel it is essential that we both listen to your body and its needs in the present moment & be guided in this way. Although tantric massage is the core, meditation, breathing practice and tantric life coaching is also included to support you in integrating all that happens within a session into your daily life.  I see your attendance as you making a commitment to yourself and the changes you wish to see in your life, it is essential that you feel empowered to share your experiences with me beyond our work together.

The massage includes a devotional caress of the whole body, not one part of you being more loved or more important than another… bringing trust and a sense of safety within my touch and secondly, the whole body, yoni, mind and soul into alignment.

Each Tantric Initiation session holds its own gifts and therefore value.   I do feel it is essential that it is understood that Tantra is a journey of self inquiry, exploration and a co-creation of a new lifestyle in which you thrive~ The sessions create a gentle process of a “blooming within” and not a quick fix as we often expect and demand in today’s world, blessing each person who immerses into its natural rhythm, profound self understanding and beautiful experiences.

“A Tantric Journey with an authentic Tantrika, will alter how you relate, connect and feel about yourself, your body, life and those around you.   Tantra invites you to taste that which we cannot know through words or intellect. The only pathway to Tantra is to experience it through your being.”

A “One off ” experience is very nourishing in it’s own right but I feel it is not enough to gain a true picture of the healing power that Tantra has to offer, nor enough to form strong foundations for the significant changes in your life that drew you to this website. My offer of a journey with me, is a symbol of honour and respect, to you, your money, your body and to the truth of Tantra.  It offers teachings of Authentic Tantric and invites you to immerse yourself in the full potential of your body and sensuality.

The foundational six sessions are in the inner journey, devoted to and focused on you as an individual. 

Supporting you to:


  • Come home to the physical sense and sensual aliveness of your body.
  • Gently meet, listen to and release unhealthy patterns, beliefs or trauma held in your cellular memory, related to your body and sex.
  • Explore your sexual self in new self honouring ways.
  • Know your sexual self and how that wishes to express, move and play through you.
  • Establish a strong loving relationship with body, breath and the present moment.  Expand your capacity for pleasure, love and joy in and beyond the bedroom.

The outer journey is a further six sessions of exploring how we may relate with other and the world we live in.

  • Sharing the sensual you through touch, taste, smell and sound.
  • Exploring boundaries and the voice to respect them.
  • Integrating love and sex into your relationships.
  • Creativity and manifestation.

I do ask that you check in with yourself that you are willing to devote the time and financial commitment to create the changes you are seeking.  And that to receive the full benefits of your journey that you are able to commit to the full 12 week journey. ❤️ 

Tantra is initially a very individual journey in which we are given permission to explore, unravel and own our sexuality, sensuality and bodies ~ and then from the authentic loving power of that ownership we can then SHARE the highest version of  who we are. My passion is to support this process in each individual BUT to then bring couples together.  It is therefore essential that if you are within a relationship that there is transparency and honesty from the start about you seeking support in Intimacy and Sexuality, so that your partner is not excluded but part of an essential and supportive part your process. Due to the poor stigma of Tantra I understand this is difficult but you are attending these sessions to ensure your intimate and sexual life and therefore relationship is at it’s fullest potential and expression of you ~ and  is healthy just as you would visit a doctor to ensure you remain in good health. Seeking support in your sexual and intimate life is not be seen as shameful, or a threat … nor is it to be secret and hidden … IF your partner has “pain and discomfort” in you having the courage to look at and own your body, sexuality and sensuality then to be quite frank the problem is theirs to look at, as to why maintaining your health, potential and happiness is causing them a problem. I will not work with men that are not from the start open and honest with their partner.  My work is to create support for couples not cause a unspoken block.  

Yes! If …

  • You are unable to feel your body and life as a source of pleasure and sensuality.
  • You fear intimacy, touch and or have past sexual experiences that need rewiring.
  • You know that you just cannot keep going around in unfulfilling circles in life anymore.
  • You are ready for a life changing journey.
  • Not able to commit to a process and are seeking a quick fix patch up.
  • Not open to huge transitions in how you feel and your life.
  • Not wanting to change and to keep your story.
  • Wanting “the work” to be done for you or to you, as a form of rescue rather than empowerment.
  • Do not feel your life is worthy of the time or financial commitment to you.

The full inner and outer journey is created through 12 sessions. 

This leaves you in a space of a vibrant felt wholeness and the tools to create a sustainable lifestyle.

This of course has to choice that you feel you can devote yourself fully to.

You may wish to go at a slower pace than 12 weekly sessions, blocks of 3 and 6 are also available.

Those travelling from a distance and abroad tend to book a 3 session intensive.

All sessions are inclusive of audio support with me in between sessions.

The fees of 3 weekly sessions: £789

The fees of 6 weekly sessions: £1498

The fees of 12 weekly sessions: £2896

20% deposit is required upon booking.  The remaining fees are due on the day of our first meeting.  

A 10% concession is available for those who earn below £25,000 per annum. 

If you require a payment plan please ask, all fees will need to be paid before journey begins.

Please read terms and conditions here.

I strongly advise that you ensure you can commit financially to your Tantric Healing. 

Making an investment into the process of connecting with yourself and your sexuality from a felt wholeness creates profound changes in all areas of your life.

On receiving your enquiry, I will then invite you to a casual chat/consultation by phone before committing to your booking so that you may ensure you feel at ease with me.  Together we can explore any questions you may have and soften any concerns.Please note I am currently fully booked until February 2024 it is therefore wise to schedule and book your journey in advance. Intensives are available in blocks of two to three sessions.  This offers essential Integration time. 

For days and times of availability, payment terms and professional boundaries, please ensure you read my  etiquette her

Choosing the right  Therapist for you is essential and ensures both parties are coming from the same intentions.  

All journeys in life require strong beginnings of courage, love honour and trust. 

Testimonials & Praise

“For as long as I can remember . I’ve always felt very confident in my own sexuality, and always felt empowered. Life changed when I met my ex (we were together for 16 years). I was rejected, and craved for intimacy. I had to suppress myself as I thought my libido was the cause of all my marriage problems. After my marriage break up I needed to reconnect. To feel that my heart and my sexual being were one… I did research for a while until I found Michelle. She is helping me to find the woman I was.. it is a long journey but I’m accomplishing faster then all those years of counselling. Thank you Michelle!!”
“I was very nervous before my first session & not sure how safe I’d be but that all evaporated as soon as I met Michelle. Having survived sexual abuse in childhood & young adulthood, I’d always felt a sense of shame about my body & was unable to feel safe within it. Michelle’s loving & accepting manner helped me to start to leave the past behind. During my yoni massage, she enabled me to feel safe, protected & accepted & I was able to allow painful emotions to be expressed & allow the shame that I’d held around sexuality & pleasure to drop away. I am now left with more of a sense of ownership around my own body, I feel safer within it & overall I feel lighter, more grounded & with a newly found sensitivity & sense of aliveness that I can’t remember ever feeling before. Thank you so much Michelle”
‘I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Michelle for being such a gentle, caring and inspiring guide on my tantric journey. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I meet her. I have only had 3 sessions but I am already seeing the benefits. I have a better relationship with my body and my sexuality is reawakening in exciting and more true expression of who I am as a women. I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me.”



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