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Opening Our Bodies To Pleasure And Sex.

So delighted to be sharing this delicious video with you.

You may have noticed that in most of my sharings, I speak more of the body than I do of sex.

In this video I explore with you, how creating a relationship of trust with our body expands our experiences of sex and gently attends to our body as an environment for sexuality to feel safe to express and play.
Opening our body to subtle sensations and the vast flavours of pleasure. ❤️




Fear Of Touch

As much as we may hunger for touch, we may fear it too.    This may present itself as a resistance to relationships, intimacy and a discomfort in our own skin. In this video I share a little with you of softening into our fears and allowing ourselves to explore touch with new and healthy […]

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When Our Sex Feels Lost And Dormant In Grief.

“I felt her sorrow, timidly come to my fingertips and breathe a sigh of relief.      As if suddenly there was a sanctuary willing to listen and gently hold the tears which she had buried so tightly into her skin and bones.” This past year, many of those who have come to work with […]

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Sacred Self Pleasure.

This week “your Curiosity” was “what is sacred masturbation?”    I believe Sacred can be bought to all areas of our life when we look at our intention behind the act, and our approach. Masturbation has been suppressed by much shame and the idea that it is purely for a release. With a new approach […]

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Your Curiosities ~ I want to be the best lover …

Hey beautiful peeps.                                                                                                          […]

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To caress the delicacy of your skin, invokes “something” in me that I have, as of yet to find the words.  

Sexual Freedom.

Exploring Sexual Freedom~ So we may live as a sexual being, free from the bonds of trauma. The suppression of addictive patterns, BS beliefs and poor sex education. And expanding our choices, to live beyond the limitations of expressing our sexual self, in only the act of sex ❤️  

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Exploring Touch In Lockdown.

During these unusual times we find ourselves in, the opportunities to receive and share touch with others has been restricted. Our bodies are hungry for touch.  Touch is essential to our well being. In this video I offer suggestions into how we can shift our limiting idea that touch is something given to us by […]

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Tantra & Living Orgasmically.

What is Tantra? And what do I mean when I say “living orgasmically?” The Body Knows podcast hosted by the beautiful  Marcela and Mat Wakeham explore these very questions with me this month and much more… So why not pour yourself a cup of something delicious and take a listen. Available on  itunes or Spotify

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intimacy and great sex for couples

What do we need to focus on as a couple to have great and intimate sex?

Often when we deem something as wrong, it becomes the centre of our focus and in the relationship of sex, this can make a partner withdraw or can feel that we are trying too hard to make something “right”. This is when what we see as “wrong” or needs “work” actually desires nourishing space. What […]

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Move beyond limitations, performance anxiety, and the beliefs that keep your sex disconnected and explore yourself as a multi orgasmic man.

What Is A Multi Orgasmic Man?

Multiorgasmic man is a term you may have heard before.      The potential for a man to separate ejaculation from orgasm, allowing him the choice to ride the waves of orgasm without peaking to “the end.” This is a subject of which I am personally passionate about. Watching my three sons blossom into manhood, […]

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