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Join me on an exploration of your relationship with your body.

Body Love is a transformative journey towards embracing your body with love and reverence.

When we approach our body with tenderness we bring a different quality of how we feel in our own skin and bones. 

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What if the search for love and belonging could end here?   

What if that inner body bully finally took a “no return” hike and made room for your inner body lover?

What if you looked in the mirror and cherished all that you see?  

What if you could truly call your body, home?

Welcome to Your Body Love Journey

Body love is our own intimate relationship with self, that is internal, not dependent upon age, size, culture or gender.

This inner experience of love out flows to the world around us. 

Like how a Flower naturally owns and shares its fragrance in the world, this is how you too may feel … accepting all your perfections and imperfections with kindness.

Body love enables us to show up in the world in all that we are.  To meet others in our wholeness and therefore our relationship with life and others are deeply enriched, connected and shamelessly alive!

Identifying if This Body Love Interactive Course Is Right for You It's for you if:

I am here to help you remember.

Remember the sweetness of innocent and playful pleasure in your body.

The feeling of ease and curious wonder in your body.  The freedom to express who you are NOT what you think you SHOULD be.  I am here to cheerlead you as you reclaim your ecstatic sense of aliveness.  

So my darling,  the relentless. life sucking BS search for more and perfection can stop.  NOW. To feel home, alive, happy, safe are not empty promises that we can only have when we look like …   They are feelings available to everyone and NOW. 

That we can choose to loosen our resistance to and instead claim ownership of.  Creating a rich internal reality that ripples out and changes how we feel and relate to others and life around us. 

Our focus has been so driven on "looking like", "getting to", "improving" and "out there" we have forgotten home.

How to be in our own skin and bones.  To move in awe and joy.  To  delight in our curves and bumps as our unique thumbprint in the world. 

 Instead of being tender and loving with our bodies, we talk to our bodies with criticism and strive to fit it into shapes it does not belong.  Driving ourselves further away from self. 

 And this is the disconnect.  This is why we feel missing and incomplete.  This is why we fill up with the next course, the next lover, the next food fad, the next pill.  

For Without a body that feels safe, cared for, loved, there is no place for us to call home.

What we will achieve together:

In this Body Love Interactive Course, you will achieve an ability to deeply love and care for your body no matter what it looks like.

A sense of feeling grounded.  Embodied.

An ability to listen to your needs and meet them.  To self parent.

To move in your skin and bones like you actually live there!  In joy and because you own your home!

A loving, intimate connection with self so you may show up in the world just as you are… shameless, full and free!

“After years of exploring my way back to bones, to flesh and not just knowing but feeling I belonged here in this breath, in this body,

I understand where that un-ease of not being safe or belonging comes from.

I want to gently hold your hand and share those stepping stones … back to you.”

Discover the Elements of the Body Love Course

So excited to be sharing your adventure of Body Love with you.

The Body Love 1:1 interactive course enables you to move through your individual resistance with me and share your whoops of celebration.

It is purposely designed to ensure you receive the supportive and nurturing environment you need to create a loving relationship with your body and feel empowered to  integrate each part of the process as a sustainable lifestyle. 

Your investment:


For lifetime access and a relationship of unconditional love with your body.

Testimonials & Praise

“Michelle’s calm, gentle teaching has helped me to stop seeing my body as the enemy, and to reintegrate my mind and body. The classes have been a joy to participate in and a highlight of my week.”
Birgit - Hove
“Taking part in Michelle’s yoga class was a really wonderful experience. I felt very safe and nurtured in Michelle’s presence. I really love the way that Michelle took extra special care to prepare the ground and getting the body comfortable before we even began. Giving very clear instructions and plenty of time to complete each guided move, I felt able to be fully in my body and totally present. The movements were gentle, yet very opening, so a really good combination. It felt very feminine, but in a way that I’m guessing could be satisfying for both genders, particularly people in virtually any kind of recovery, or wishing to explore more meditative states. Thank you Michelle, for a beautiful experience.”
Stacey - Newhaven
“Michelle is a long term tantra therapist and practitioner, whose experience was completely in keeping with the content of the course. her devotion to her healing practice is reflected very much in her yoga teaching practice. She is a genuine and loving person and teacher who is able to easily create a safe space for people to explore the inner journey of yoga. She continues to develop and learn and I think crucially, in this current yoga climate, is an honest appraiser of her own limitations. Everything she does comes from the heart and with absolute honesty. The feedback from her students, is, as I would expect, that they feel cherished, loved and safe. As Michelle intends to devote her yoga teaching practice to those living with cancer, I think there could be no better person set loose on the yoga teaching world right now!”
Jade Murrary - Senior Yoga Teacher & Founder of Yoga for People Living with Cancer..
“Dear Michelle, I wanted to write to explain to you how I felt after yesterday’s healing massage with you.. I was quite amazed at just how easy I found myself surrendering to your touch…and being able to be completely absorbed in the experience…feeling every stroke and allowing all other thoughts to disappear.

I have had huge hang ups since having my children with my tummy and all the stretch marks it gained…it was only 4 years ago that I I felt accepting enough of it to allow anyone else to see it….I still have times when I am insecure but that didn’t even enter my head with you…I also used to think that my yoni was perhaps not perfect as I have quite large labia, perhaps this was more due to an ex partner commenting about them, but I am slowly coming round to the belief that it is truely beautiful as it is, again not a thought about you seeing them was apparent.

I certainly felt an energy from you and cherished the heightened feelings all over my body, What you said about being able to use my sexual energy to be productive in other ways made sense, I am not sure in what way yet..but it would be amazing to be able to channel it.

Any way I feel I could go on and on talking about everything but I will leave it there for now..

Thanks again.”
Florence - East Sussex
“The most astonishing thing about my journey so far with Michelle has been my willingness to trust her completely within minutes of meeting her. Not only that, but I also placed my body and spirit entirely in her hands and expressed my desire to listen, to learn and to accept her as my tantric guide at my very first visit. This says a lot more about Michelle than it does about me. I have found some of her guidance hard but have followed it to the letter in good faith in the belief that it is helping me to become a more open and aware person than I was before. The greatest compliment I can pay to Michelle is not for her intuitive guidance, nor her angelic sacred touch, nor her soothing divine caress, nor for her beautiful mind, nor for her profound advice, not even for her bewitching smile, but that a combination of all these things has completely changed my life.”
Peter - Brighton
“I still have fond memories of my tantric experience and the positive after effect it had. In fact I was traveling to the US recently and have had 2 other tantric experiences but none have quite compared to the experience I had under Michelle’s care. While I feel my journey into the world of tantra is still in its early stages I found my session with Michelle to be one of the most powerful yet. Michelle made me feel comfortable and welcome, creating a safe environment for me to let go of my fears and anxieties which allowed me to absorb and enjoy the tantric experience. The after effect was profound. The energy and self awareness that I carried for days afterward was a very new experience. So addictive too! Michelle is a true master in her field and I am very much looking forward to working with her again.”
Neil - Dublin
“This was my first experience of tantric massage and I have to say how truly wonderful it was. Michelle put me at ease straight away with her manner and was very understanding when I got a fit of nervous giggles at the beginning! The whole tantric experience was just wonderful. Time and place drifted away, and afterwards I felt light and energised. A beautiful experience.”
Yvonne - Surrey
“Michelle’s positive energy put me at ease and I felt confident and open enough to talk about anything and everything with her. The care and affection she showed me and advice and warmth she gave me, left me quite speechless and with a natural high feeling for days afterwards. I cannot recommend Michelle strongly enough.”
Scott - Brighton



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