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Through the sharing of my words, I offer you an invitation to explore your curiosities and rediscover your sexuality.

This blog is a tapas of suggestions and inspirations, born out of my own curiosity,

to bring new possibilities of experiencing sex as a vibrant, fully switched on sexual being.

Please feel most welcome to comment and share your own adventures.

All my love 

Fear Of Touch

As much as we may hunger for touch, we may fear it too.    This may present itself as a resistance to relationships, intimacy and

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Sacred Self Pleasure.

This week “your Curiosity” was “what is sacred masturbation?”    I believe Sacred can be bought to all areas of our life when we look

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To caress the delicacy of your skin, invokes “something” in me that I have, as of yet to find the words.  

Sexual Freedom.

Exploring Sexual Freedom~ So we may live as a sexual being, free from the bonds of trauma. The suppression of addictive patterns, BS beliefs and

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Without consistency we only ever touch the surface …          We do not reach the depths of either the core of who

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