Male Shame ~ The Unspoken Pressures Of Male Performance & Ejaculation.

I have chosen to Speak with you today about the unspoken pressure of male performance and ejaculation. We still have this thinking in society that sex is something that we do and sex is something that happens to us.   With this line of thinking it means that our sharing of sex becomes the responsibility […]


Without consistency we only ever touch the surface …          We do not reach the depths of either the core of who we are or ever feel the riches of our “practice”. Expecting a quick fix or solution keeps us poor in our experience. Searching … We dabble in this … try […]

Three Tantric Keys For Life, Love And Sex.

A short series of videos in which I share three magic Tantric keys as a “method” for life, love and sex.   Tantric Key One … The Value Of The Breath.   Tantric Key Two … The Importance Of Presence.   Tantric Key Three … Your Sensual Nature.        

The Healing Benefits And Qualities Of Authentic Tantric Massage

Today I wish to share with you some of the healing benefits and qualities of Tantric Massage. It is so, so much more than what our Western society believes in it to be, I feel passionately that this limited thinking prevents us from receiving the true gifts of a Tantric Life   ♥