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Creativity, Manifestation and Sex.

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Our potential to create and manifest is entwined with our relationship with our sexual energy and therefore our felt and held beliefs of the act of sex.

This is such a vast subject that cannot be broken down into how our thoughts alone.

I wish to offer you the bigger picture and so to ensure I am sharing all the ways in which we need to come into the power of our creative self, through a mini series.

with love ❤️

Manifestation and our sexual/creative self as play.

In this sharing the conversation inspires to lean towards oneself as playful, vibrant, receptive and notice when we have moved away from creative energy into the density of seriousness, lack, desperation and need. ❤️

Creation and manifestation as a sexual being.

In this conversation we explore together what we may experience when we make an intention to align with our hearts desires and how our sexual energy and ability to surrender and receive is essential part of our potential as a creative and sexual being.

I Speak So I am ~

Creativity, manifestation and our sexual consciousness.

This is the last video of five conversations in which we have explored creativity, manifestation and our sexual consciousness and how they weave together as one to inform our daily experience and reality. Please feel most welcome to comment, share your experiences, or ask questions. ❤️

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