Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

In Tantra we are invited to enter without expectations or goals.

And yet due to much talk of whole body orgasms there is a presumption that this is what Tantra is about and what will happen.

As with any of our expectations in life … we miss out on the other flavours that our mind could not possibly imagine.

We have the wild, erotic, orgasm and yet there is also the softest of sensation that once we tune into simply flowers up and through our body.
We may expect the orgasms we have been so wired to … but orgasm is only a word used in Tantra because it is a word we can relate to of that moment of no-mind. Of Bliss.
We may expect the therapist to conjure up for us this orgasmic state when in truth this a process … our energy may have “rubble of emotions and body trauma” to release first to allow our energy to flow through our whole being.

We can be so busy looking for what we expect or believe something to be, that the possibilities of sensational energy, are completely missed.

I invite you to step into Tantra as a process … that will keep unfolding your body and energy into new ways and in this willingness to be open your own unique experience …. not a pre-conceived idea will blossom in you. ❤


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