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Is Healing The Feminine Just For Women?? I Think Not.

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Healing The Feminine … is this simply for women and women power.                                                                       crouching-male-erotic-nude-lingham-massage

No, I do not believe so.

I believe men need support and to be held in healing the feminine within them also … and healing their “mother/woman wounds” so they may rebuild trust within their own feminine nature but also in us as women … creating space for each of us to step into our true balanced nature.

I have held a space for many a man and his tears. A space for him to be curious, to witness and release. To move into his sensuality and sexuality as a fully embodied man.

It is a feeling, and honour beyond words to be part of another human’s experience safely home to embodiment … their own skin, breath and womanhood/manhood.

Please feel most welcome to read more about Tantric Therapy For Men.

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