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Is Tantra A Technique?

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Is Tantra a technique?                                                                                   

In our society and our culture we are given techniques all the time.

Of how we may do this to get a certain result.

Tantra I feel is not a technique. It is a method. A method for life.
And even when I say it is a method, that does not hold a quality of seriousness to it and trying to work out how this method works.

These methods come from an approach of play.  Of experimenting, of experiencing.

What Tantric methods, or Tantric keys create in our lives when we approach them from a space of play is that they truly become our experience.

That we know the method, that we know how it feels.  Not from the space of intellect, so it is different from when we are told something and then we know it.

This is a knowing from our own body intelligence.  From tasting an experience and integrating it as our own.

It is not any good, let’s say, when someone tells us something and then we just accept that as our knowing.

There is a different quality from knowing something because we have been told,  then when we know something because we deeply, truly, passionately feel it as our own experience and our own truth.

What we find when we play with these Tantric methods that after time the method falls away.

The method enables in us and holds a space for us:

for expansion,

for growth,

for experimenting,

for experiencing,

for evolving,

for more bliss and more pleasure

And then when this is truly integrated into our lives, into our way of being, the method falls away because we do not need that key or that method, or door way anymore because we have become it.

Tantra is not a technique.  It is not something we can learn or we can know from a space of mind.  It is not something that we attend to with practice or a sense of seriousness

Tantra is a method that invites us to play and to be curious.

It invites us into a space of expansion and freedom.

And when that method is most simply, completely and utterly absorbed to each beat of the heart, into each breath, into bones, into cells.  Into body, into our life ~  then the method may simply and most beautifully fall away. ❤️


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