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You Are A Sexual Being.

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I very often have people saying to me, particularly women and particularly women of a certain age group. (Peri-menopausal, going through the menopause and then the other side) that they are not sexy, they do not need or desire Sex and they do not see or feel themselves to be a sexual being.

I truly do not agree with that.

We are all a sexual being.


All of us were created by a sexual spark. A sperm and an egg came together and from that a divine spark occurred a miracle.

YOU … The very truth of you, the absolute nature of you … the beginning of you is SEX.

I believe that the people I speak to that say that are not a sexual being and do not feel sexy, or feel desire or pleasure, is purely because they are focusing on the action of Sex.

If I say the word Sex to you than instantly an image or an idea of what sex is comes to your mind.  And this image is usually the act of two people sharing an activity … the act of sex.  But there is a being-ness to our Sex, that drops the doing.

The doing is simply how we are choosing to express our sexual nature … our sexual being.

When we are becoming in tune, returning to our sexual nature, our sexual being. We come back to the simplicity, the innocence and the purity of our sexual nature and become in a new relationship with that … a richer knowing … a deeper understanding.

We have the ability to  allow it to fill ourselves up as our fullest organic potential and from this refined sexual consciousness we make a conscious choice how we wish to share and express our sexual being with others and the world around us.

That maybe through the act of Sex or it maybe painting a piece of art, dancing a dance, through touch or singing.
All an expression of our sexual self.

We are all a sexual being with the potential to feel our sex, our desires, our pleasure.  It is simply letting go of the do~ing and allowing our sex to arise as an expression from be~ing.

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