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How We Restrict Our Orgasmic Potential & How To Open Yourself To More.

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I was simply walking home from a exercise class this morning and every step I took upon the Earth, I felt life pulsating up through the foot in contact with the ground, up my legs, entering my Yoni and then rippling waves up and up through my body … opening, and opening, and opening my heart, my breasts … a groan in my throat … before shivering into my brow … the top of my head.  Again, and again orgasm cursing through me.

And this was simply walking home!

Oh how alive, tingling and juicy with life I felt. with a smile and sparkly aura to match.

We restrict our orgasmic nature by ~

  • Confining our orgasms to the act of sex.
  • Assuming that orgasms are something that someone or thing enables or does to us.
  • Not allowing our breath and therefore all of life’s pleasures to fully relate with us.

Our orgasmic potential expands far and beyond a partner or sex toys.  It expands far beyond the physical act of sex.

To expect orgasm to be given to us, minimises the power of our sexuality, dis empowers us and adds huge pressure upon another.

Orgasm is an internal sensation. 

It is not something we are given externally but a energy of divine pleasure that once we surrender to, we can share.

We can feed and give possibilities and spaces for that Orgasmic energy to expand and keep on expanding by:

  • Owning your own orgasmic energy.  So not expecting a partner to create it for you. And not placing Orgasms in a limited “box” of only for physical sexual activity.
  • Connecting with your breath … breathing in fully through your mouth and out of your mouth.  Playing with the breath being fast long, slow and deep.
  • Loving your body … living in your body. Moving your body.  Noticing all it’s sensations without labelling them or giving them a STORY.  Surrendering to them rather than defining or manipulating.
  • Getting down, dirty and rooted back with the Earth and nature.  Honestly the orgasms that clients and I have through our feet are exceptionally powerful and it is the earth beneath us that is charging that possibility.
  • Be open minded to all expressions of Orgasm beyond what you think, know and have been taught so far and doorways … and windows *smile* of orgasmic expression beyond the limiting capacity of your thinking, will unravel in your body and life. 






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