Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

Welcome to Brighton’s New and Exciting Pleasure Circle.

A safe nest for all to curiously play with the vast flavours of pleasure available to them, in and beyond the bedroom.

Together, let’s deeply ground in the present moment and embody pleasure as a new lifestyle.

Did you know pleasure is your birthright!

The time has come to reclaim pleasure powerfully and with the love and support of a small and intimate group.

The Pleasure Circle will invite you to tenderly dissolve resistance as you move with self-assurance into your fullest potential of aliveness, creativity and glow!

Making a commitment to cultivate pleasure in every area of your life will allow you to break free from the old patterns of conditioning that keep you stuck in fears and shame.

Our intention is to guide you into allowing, surrendering, and developing your capacity for pleasure through four circles of pleasure inquiry.


Our second pleasure circle will offer fluidity and intuition around the concept of “Expanding Pleasure” offering playful methods that are supportive to:

Welcoming our fears and resistance to pleasure in life and in the body, and learning to meet them with curiosity and compassion.

Allowing pleasure to be a felt sensation and welcoming it in the body.

Re-establishing and re-informing broken bonds of trust in our body.

Forming and strengthening new experiences of trust of self, our body and others.

Exploring and developing a felt trust of our body as a pathway to open and surrender to self and others.

Finding ways to create safe environments of pleasure in our daily lives.

Cultivating pleasure as a daily felt experience.

Supportive suggestions to take away, that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle as powerful tools to introduce in your routine to develop pleasure as a conscious choice.



Our third Pleasure Date: 16th of August 2022 2pm -5pm The loft at little dippers. Gardner Street.  Brighton.

This is a mixed gender group. 

Grab your Ticket here for only £60.


What you may like to bring:

Journal devoted to this journey of pleasure.
Blanket and/or sarong.
Wear clothes that are easy to move in and not tight or restrictive.

What you will receive at the end of each circle:

A recording of the cycles guided practices.
Journal prompts for further pleasure enquiry.

Themes & Dates of all four pleasure circles in 2022:

Grounding In Pleasure. 26th Of June
Trusting In Pleasure. 14th of August
Expanding Pleasure. 16th of October
Orgasmic Power. 4th of December

Meet your pleasure guides:

About Michelle.
For 20 years I have explored and shared the life changing moments we can gift ourselves when we tenderly attend to our sexual healing and maturity.
My desire is to support all those I am honoured to work with to create their body as a safe container that allows us to explore and play in the world around us.
I deeply care about our sex … the gentle release of trauma that may be suppressing our sense of aliveness, our creativity and self-esteem.
The rewiring of limiting untruths, the re-educating, beyond the mechanics into the vast expansion of our orgasmic potential..
Our sexual mental and emotional well being can silently infringe upon and impact all areas of our life.
I am a mamma of four amazing human “beans”. A Tantric bodyworker and teacher, a counsellor for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and a trauma informed healer and yoga therapist.  But most essentially I share from my own lived experience that has most beautifully become the medicine I passionately share in the world.
About Leila.
As a certified sex, love & relationship coach, I guide my clients on an in-depth exploration of their sexuality. I use a mix of speech, embodiment, and trauma-informed techniques to accompany them on that life-transforming journey and expand their sexual, emotional, creative, and spiritual reality. I am also passionate about the subconscious mind and love to explore how mind and body interact and compliment each other.

What you are saying about The Pleasure Circle :

Michelle and Leila have created a safe space in which to explore how to open oneself up to the giving and receiving of pleasure in daily life. My first session at the Pleasure Circle was spectacular. I arrived nervous and unsure, I left exhilarated and brimming with delight, all of my senses zinging, relishing the prospect of living differently.

David ~ Brighton.


I totally recommend this session. I was nervous before hand but Leila and Michelle were fantastic at putting me and other participants at ease. I ended the session elated.

Leila and Michelle are wonderful people and excellent teachers. They took us through a very pleasurable pleasure circle, opening me to new joyful experiences and exciting possibilities for the future. I’d recommend you book straight away. It’s worth it!

Paul ~ Brighton.