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Embracing The Approach Of Play Versus Practice.

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I would like to offer an invitation to embrace the approach of playing and not practising.

Life is sincere but it is not necessarily serious.
Tantra supports this quality.
That in all we do comes from a place of being, so there is sincerity behind our action, behind our doing,. But there is not seriousness.
There is this wonderful quote about “not ever seeing a serious bird or a serious tree.”

And how often do we see a serious child?

This idea of playing is what brings a quality of pleasure and curiosity and wonder into our lives.
It also releases restrictions, the binds of limitations and the push of trying.

Trying is a force that holds us in a space.
Where as play has an approach of curiosity, an element of experimenting behind it and exploring behind it.

So much in our lives comes from an approach of seriousness. And often when we are delving into journeys initially of Tantra or self-awareness or self development. Becoming … remembering more of who we are. We can take on an adult mind approach of seriousness.

So what I am inviting you to do today, is to play.

When we are looking at a Tantric method, to not take that in such a serious manner. instead play with the ideas, play with the methods.

When I breathe like this how does it feel, what happens in my body?
When I touch like this, how does that feel? What happens in my body?

How does this taste?

How does this look?  What can I hear?
When I am here what can I smell?  What does this smell invite into to my body.This wonderful energy of play allows space for expansion, growth and beauty.

A wonderful sparkle in our eyes that does not hold the energy or the density of seriousness but the light of play. ❤️

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