Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

An authentic tantric masseur offers a sensual massage experience…                               sensual touch

Worshiping the sacredness of your whole body through touch, you are taken deeply into the core of your being; your senses are re-awakened.

Your breath becomes full.  Your mind ~ no more.

Your sexual essence ignited, pulsating & alive.

At last again, for what to your body can feel eternity, conscious loving caress brings nourishment to your skin ~  & to your sensuality & sexuality a new freedom of life.

Tantric roots believe that we are all born holding the keys to ~

All the “essences” of life … love, bliss, fulfillment that we seek externally already held within.

Life with these “tools” is not as complicated as we human beings tend to make it.  All returns to its simplest form when we bring our self back again & again to ~ 

As a tantric therapist & masseur these are the “tools” I re-introduce you to & encourage you to embrace into your daily life…

Sensual TouchWatch a child, how he explores his world.

He is full & vibrant in his own body, taking the time to learn how it moves, requesting his needs for warmth, touch, food, love & nourishment are met.

He breathes deeply into his little belly, feeling his belly rise & fall.

He owns his sexual essence; he is not yet separated by shame, guilt or agenda.

He consciously uses his hands to touch & absorb every detail.

He closes his eyes & listens.

He tastes all that passes his lips with his whole body.

He feels his way through life, every sensual experience bringing him innocent delight & wonder.

That sense of “being-ness” & va voom for life this child has, is no further out of your grasp than it is his…