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Now this is a question that on some level deeply saddens me… & my answer is               Sharing tantric massage

NO. Don’t hide it…  share your experience with your partner.”

I am aware of the stigma that comes with tantra, due to western society’s very slightly wonky idea & “trashing” of such an ancient method for life … & therefore understand why men in particular feel that they should keep their appointment secret from their partner.

But there is no shame, no guilt, nothing dark or seedy in visiting an authentic tantric therapist… & keeping it secret only “feeds” any unhealthy beliefs built up around “owning” our sexuality & allowing pleasure in our lives.

I am not here offering a sexual service or to provide you with something that your partner cannot because believe me, there is no competition! To share tantra with someone you already trust, love & are intimate with, well the electrifying waves of bliss travel much deeper & are far more mind blowing than any massage.

My intention as a  tantric therapist is to ~

My passion is to “teach” others through tantra that sex, our sensuality & sexuality, loving intimate relationships with “self”  & in turn those around us is a natural human experience we all seek, need & want, not something to hide, shame, fear or run away from.  

So yes!  Please don’t shame our sessions away as a dark secret, I totally respect it may take some courage & maybe a little reading together on the world wide web, but …

Take what you learn & feel in your tantric sessions into your lives & back home to your lovers.

Share it ~ don’t hide it.   ♥



Please feel welcome to add any comments to this post or ask any questions on the subject of tantric massage  & I will do my best to answer.

Warm Wishes ~ M x  






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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The test for is simple: Is this a betrayal of trust? It is a much clearer test than “am I being unfaithful?”.

    If you have discussed and agreed with your partner that sensual touch from others is allowed AND that you need not let one another know when it happens, then it is clearly within your relationship agreement. This must be the only criteria for not letting your other half know!


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