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Become The Touch…

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Tantra teaches that through using all our senses, we can transform everyday life into ecstasy.

Many of the “keys” given in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, simply require us to add the magic ingredient of our presence …

 To be, do, see, hear, taste, feel & touch with totality.

These “keys” expand our awareness, take us to higher states of consciousness, journey us through the depths of love, transform our being, and change our perception of life & others.  These moments become our reality, a reality of unity, harmony, unconditional love, bliss, joy, freedom … No mind.


Today “become the touch”

This is not an “exercise” of focus.

Focus is of the head, presence is of your be-ing.

This “exercise” requires that you immerse into the sensuality of ALL that you touch.

When you touch a stone, know this is no ordinary stone.  It is a piece of the Universe, of YOU. Be aware of how you touch the stone; close your eyes, explore the texture of the stone, its coolness.  Run your fingers lightly around its contours.  Know this stone.  Allow a relationship of loving touch to form with the stone.

Become the touch… Become the stone.

When you touch water, know this water is a limitless stream of the Universe, of YOU.

Be aware of your hands moving through the water.  Close your eyes, explore the water, its coolness, its heat. Know the water.  Allow a relationship of loving touch with the water.

 Become the touch … Become the water.

When you touch your skin, love, honour, adore, cherish your skin.  Know your skin is one with the Universe. Allow the God, the Goddess to rise from within you.  Close your eyes, explore your skin … its coolness, its heat.  Feel its softness.  Breathe in its beauty.  Run your fingers lightly over your contours, tasting your skin with the simplicity of gentle touch.  Know your skin intimately. Allow a relationship of loving caress with your skin.

 Become the touch … Become your skin.

When you touch another, love, honour, adore, cherish him/her. He is your God.  She is your Goddess.  Know the other is a part of the Universe, a part of YOU.  Close your eyes & breathe the other in.  Explore his/her skin ? its coolness, its heat.  Feel its softness beneath your fingertips.  Trace the contours of his/her body, tasting his/her skin with a gentle, loving touch.  Know his/her skin intimately.  Allow a relationship of the sweetest caress to unfold with your God/Goddess.

Become the touch … Become the caress … Become the other.

Michelle Roberton~Jones


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