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The Grace Of Whole Body Orgasms.

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We can be so focused on what we think an orgasm should like, or what an orgasm should sound like or even to the extent what we think an orgasm will feel like for our body.

Even in the Tantric world, there is maybe this idea that when we are having these whole body orgasms, that there is a shaking and a vibration of the body.
This is called streaming.  And often the streaming makes our body spontaneously jerk because it has touched or come up against some resistance.
When our orgasmic energy can flow within us and through us without resistance, expectation,”performance” or tension in the body, there is no movement.  There is a complete and utter grace, a silence, an organic expansion, a flowering to the experience.
I am not saying silent as in there is no sound, because there a very rich sigh of the breath that happens as the body is moved …  I am saying silent as in there is no sound of anything other than the energy.
We feel like we are being breathed, and we feel like we are being moved and yet, we are not the breath and we are not the movement.
We can feel this energy most profoundly, silently, gracefully, deliciously running in and through our body.
With our expectations and our focus being so much on the fire of orgasm, the passion, the action and our limited beliefs of what an orgasm should look like and feel like, combined with this idea of Tantric orgasms  needing to be a writhing and frantic movement, we are missing out on this very subtle and graceful experience of the Divine moving us and breathing us … and us as a body, as a being … as an ego … really not being part of that movement, or that breath or the happening of that energy at all.


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