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Busting The Tantra Bullshit.

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Tantra has a stigma in society.

A limiting idea or presumption that it is all about having great sex for hours and achieving multiple and whole body orgasms.

The thinking around Tantra can still be method/goal orientated… as in a means to

great sex … but still an “action.”

I am deeply passionate about the authentic power of Tantra … to speak it’s name without shame and busting the Tantra bullshit.  

My truth, may not be yours.  My experience of Tantra and the possibilities it brings to expand our sexual consciousness way beyond we could ever imagine … beyond the performance and the act, offering spaces for the whole of our life and being to be infused with the pulsating aliveness of pleasure… of “sex.”


I am often met with this idea that Tantra events and workshops are a bit of a free willy show.

In some environments this is the case… which saddens me, as I feel that in our sexual and in our Tantra experiences if we have multiple and different partners that we experiment and explore our sexuality with, there is only a certain level of depth in our sexual consciousness and being that we will reach if we keep changing partners.

So these “free willy events” are not truly supportive to the expansion of our sexual consciousness.

If we choose, devote and dedicate to one partner to explore and experiment with our sexual nature and energy, there is no limitations to the depth that we can keep going beyond, because we can surrender and move from an evolving intimacy and trust, in each sharing.

The energy of the other meeting our own energy will hold and support us … a much different experience to a one off sharing with multiple Tantra partners or partners, for there will be this place of “intimacy and more than …” that we do not go beyond.

Often this free willy show to me, feels like something people can still hide behind to not face their true sexual self or fear of intimacy.  A justification that it is okay to explore with multiple partners under the name of Tantra. Or It is okay to excuse unhealthy sexual behaviour under a facade of Tantra.

This is not raising sexual consciousness but simply a spiritual disguise … and we will not reach the purity, the simplicity, the innocent and magic of Tantra or reach a new sexual consciousness.

Tantra brings a richness to our hearts, our bodies, our life’s and our relationship with self, others and our relationship with the world around us.

When we say the word Sex, we may have images of what sex means … of what it is.

Of sex being an act, something we do and share with another.

Yet it is not the doing of SEX that Tantra speaks of … but the being of SEX.

Tantra is initially an extremely individual journey, a coming back and a letting go of all the bullshit beliefs that have suppressed and contained our sexuality from the absolute truth of all that our sexual nature is.

When we can let go of those restrictive beliefs and limitations that has supported containment and suppression of our sexuality,  we are free to come back to the simplicity, the innocence and the purity of our sexual energy. Which actually that in itself is not about a physical act or another, it is most deliciously an energy that once free, moves through and within us.  That we are nourished by, moved by.

It fills us up from the inside out and creates a feeling of joy, aliveness, pleasure in all things and deep satisfaction.

So Tantra is a very individual journey initially and then when truly connecting with our sexuality and coming from a place of “being our sex” our SHARING of our sex with another is more expansive, enriching, deeply attuned and connected.

A harmony of two hearts.

A dance of two bodies.

A language of two souls.

Even the word orgasm in Tantra can be misunderstood because of our limited interpretation of what orgasm is. The word orgasm is used because it is the closest experience we can relate to, to such freedom, bliss, ecstasy.  Of no mind.  Non separation, when we are in orgasmic bliss there is no separation between our self and another ,… our self and life.

Tantra does look at sex, but our sex in its most pure, conscious and divine form.

Rather than teaching methods to create a better sexual performance or teaching methods purely about another.
Tantra includes our sexuality because it is the core of our lives, where we came, what we are made of … that very first spark of a miracle as an egg met a sperm and became you.

Your SEX is an essential ingredient to your being and life. If we do not look at our sexuality and return to and embrace that divine spark … then there will always be something missing, unmet, unknown, unexpressed and unattended to in our lives.

Tantra embraces our sexuality because it is part of the WHOLE of us. We are spirit, we are mind, we are body and we are sex.

Tantra opens new doorways and invites us on a journey to come back to the simplicity, the purity and the innocence of our sexual nature.

I pray that my sharing has busted some, if not a little of the Tantra bullshit.

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