Sharing Touch As Pleasure.

This Tantric Snippet invites us to experience the sense of taste in a new way that transforms an ordinary, everyday taste into an extraordinary moment of presence … and then to transfer that comparison and experience into sharing the sense of Touch as pleasure.  

The Simplicity Of Touch.

We are human beings hungry for touch. It is as essential as food and water, to be held, caressed, shown affection and loving touch … and yet we live in a world where touch has had fear placed around it. In this video I speak of my passion for touch. and the profound changes this […]

Your Sense Of Arousal

In this short sweet Tantric snippet Michelle speaks of our misunderstanding of arousal and the way we habitually “get rid” of it or suppress it rather than delving into the simple pleasure and experience of the sensation of arousal.    

Three Tantric Keys For Life, Love And Sex.

A short series of videos in which I share three magic Tantric keys as a “method” for life, love and sex.   Tantric Key One … The Value Of The Breath.   Tantric Key Two … The Importance Of Presence.   Tantric Key Three … Your Sensual Nature.        

Intimate With Touch

To caress the delicacy of your skin, invokes “something” in me that I have, as of yet to find the words.     A language that can convey to you all that I am in this simple gift. Words seem so incomparable to the galaxies upon galaxies of starlight I feel when holding you in […]

Sensuous Moments.

Tantra invites the ordinary to become extraordinary. In this audio We explore our sensual inner world through our spine.