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Guest Post ~ The Morning After The Night Before…

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10422380_1563926140516527_3463285299725018225_nThis is a guest post from my client Claire. You can read her previous blog here

So it’s the morning after the night before, where I start to recover from being in the eye of the storm of all my emotional stuff. I’ve shared my last three posts with Michelle so she can read them and hopefully understand the maelstrom of my mind. I know I need to push through this and I know she can help me do that.

So my main question at the end of yesterday’s internal ranty rage was – why can’t I give Dave the tantric healing that Michelle gives him?

She phones me up..

It’s not long before I start blubbing and ask her that very question.

She patiently goes through with me again the differences between the healing tantric massage she gives and how very different that is to the erotic tantric massage she shares privately with her lover.

Her healing tantric massage is a very different type of touch and works on releasing emotional blockages, healing past trauma – both physical and emotional, and it’s main aim is to bring a person out of their head and back into their body. Be grounded, whole, peaceful.

She said she cannot do that for her own lover as she would attach her stuff to anything that came up for him.

THAT is why I cannot heal Dave.

As this experience is swiftly teaching me, I have too much crap of my own by far *haha*. Both of us need to have the freedom to express our hangups to someone who is detached, so we can stop squidging our toes in a shit sandwich and step into something beautiful.

I knew that this tantric journey would be a challenging one. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so emotional so quickly. I’ve not cried so frequently in a very long time. Even my appetite has disappeared!

I’m going to meet him for lunch so we can talk. He hasn’t read my previous posts yet as they’ve not been published at the time of writing. I hope he doesn’t freak him when he sees them..

What he WILL be pleased to hear is that I’ve decided I want us to continue to with individual sessions and I acknowledge that I’m simply going to have to deal with my stuff from previous relationships, so I stop attaching it to this one. Michelle is going to help me. Seriously this woman is worth her weight in gold.

If you’ve got personal or relationship issues or just need to feel loving touch from another human being, maybe tantra could help you too.

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