Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

There was a time when my Yoni & I lived very separate lives.tantra-red-rose-massage-brighton

She was a part of my body that I had detached from at an early age.  In my mind she was “trouble”, a source of discomfort, pain & fear.  A part of my body I would rather deny existed.

It wasn’t until much later in life, the realisation came to me that something was consistently missing from my be-ing-ness, my life, my relationships, my daily experiences & the treasure resided in the one part of me that I had refused to embrace.

My Yoni. 

Through the art of sacred touch & tantric meditation I discovered she was not the source of pain I had believed her to be.

She was IN pain & without a voice.

Through the layers of healing, moving deeper into her hurt, listening to her tales & feminine wisdom, she became a doorway to many sacred gifts.

She blessed me with freedom, safety, abundance, sensuality, the birthing of my soul & the embodiment of enlightenment.  My sexual essence was the “rooting” of all that I am, it anchored me … body, mind & soul, allowing my sharing to be given in totality.

No longer Yoni & I but We.

I now stand with ease & safety in my own skin with a loving acceptance of all parts of who I am.   I feel at “home”, no more fighting against this body that once seemed an ugly bind to this human life.

Strong in my roots, there is a deep trust in the flow of life.  All my needs are met.  I am present in my Yoni, no past stories clouding the light of this day nor a pull to greet the future.

tantra art 7From my Yoni, I can draw strength… she fills me with a juicy aliveness, inspiration, the desire to create & vitality.

Without her I would not be this radiant, sensual woman.  Her eternal beauty lights up my eyes, expands my heart, a constant flowering into divine femininity & love. 

The beliefs given to me that I “had to have” a man in my life for love, pleasure & survival were dropped. I became  content in my alone-ness ~& in the understanding that I was responsible for my own love, my own pleasure, my own being, my own sexuality, came freedom.  In the profound empowerment of this responsibility of self & one’s experiences, sex with a lover was given a new dimension … an intimate sharing of my heart & body, so far removed from the old feelings of anxiety that something was expected of me to give or perform.

The voice I needed to communicate my sexual needs & fantasies as a woman was released without shame; I became clear & confident in what I wanted.  There were no longer any walls of fear or inadequacy, no cautious boundaries … it was a delicious moment in knowing this sensual, wild, sexy woman no longer needed to hide, unsatisfied & tame.

 It was more than okay to be sexy, to be sensual, to be a Woman.

Sexually I had never been so alive on the inside.  I experienced with & without a lover~

My daily living feels rich from the inside, full & in tune with the heartbeat to all.

Sure, there is external chaos that is the after all, the nature of life. But I can deal with it, rooted into the strength & warmth of my femininity, nourished by my sexual essence & silent in the stillness & wisdom of my heart… Storms no longer linger, they may simply pass.