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How tantric massage & teachings support crouching-male-erotic-nude-lingham-massage-240x300premature ejacualtion, impotence & performance anxiety…

Unless you have been diagnosed by your doctor with a physical reason for premature ejaculation or impotence, then it is probable that you are experiencing some kind of performance anxiety.

A man often sees it, that it is his “job” to ensure his partner is having the time of their life… it is his responsibility to make sure she has an orgasm, that she climaxes, that she is aroused etc etc …

He feels he has to give a certain level of satisfactory, if not mind blowing sex.  Therefore his “idea” of sex already has a goal … a goal of how it should be, should feel & certainly how it should end.

Tantra is of the body & of the present moment … these are 2 major keys for helping with premature ejaculation & impotence.

If a man is in his body & in the present moment, there is no goal, there is only the experience of now in this state of presence a man can become aware of the waves of pleasure & arousal moving through his body & with the support of a tantric therapist, learn to ride them … thus creating for himself multiple & whole body orgasms & the ability to ride pleasure without ejaculation or loosing an erection. 

If a man is totally in his body & aware of his senses, he is not in his mind … premature ejaculation & impotence as I have said, is of the mind … once out of the mind, the body can start to relax & allow its natural sexual responses to ripen.

Tantra also teaches that no one is responsible for another’s pleasure … it enables a man or woman to move into & “own” their sexual energy & experiences of pleasure, so that sex becomes a sharing/ a “meeting of” 2 people’s energy & pleasure, making not one partner more responsible than the other.

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