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Our Sex ~ The Last Place We Want To Look.

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Sexuality is very often the last place we want to look.  The last “thing” we attend to in our lives.

This is very often because of the guilt, shame, the suppression we have built around it.

The hidden beliefs we have around our sex and our sexuality.  We do not want to go there, we do not want to look at it.

And yet if this was not the last place we looked, our lives would become more fulfilling, more satisfying, richer, deeper, more connected, more loving, more intimate, more joyful … and more quickly.

We would not have this long search.  A long adventure of years, months feeling that something is not quite right, that something we cannot quite put our finger one is missing, within us and in our lives.

People who are on a self awareness or “spiritual journey”, sexuality is often the last part of their being that they will attend to.  And this can create a sticking point in our journey of self awareness, our Spiritual journey.

Because we will come to this point where we feel stuck.  And we cannot go any further, we cannot evolve  any further, we cannot grow any further until we attend to and look at our sexuality.

I am not just talking about our sex lives which is the external reflection, let’s say of how we feel but how we attend to , how we connect to ourselves as a sexual being,  As a being that has the energy and the quality of sex.

So we come to this point in our meditation, or in our awareness, or in our evolution or in our growth that we get stuck, that we hit this wall.

And that wall is our sexuality. Because we cannot grow up, like a tree if we do not grow down. 

A tree has to have strong roots to be deeply connected to the Earth.  Grounded and solid, Offering the tree a life source of a rich and nourished foundation.  And from these roots the tree is able to grow up and up and up.  And then the tree will have to grow even further down and down, so it may continue again, its growth up and up.

We are the same, we cannot keep raising our consciousness, expanding spiritually as a spiritual being in a human body if we do not attend to the root of us, our basic needs, how we feel in our own skin.  How we began as a divine spark of “sex” … and how we choose to express that in the world.

If we attended to our sexuality, to the root of us first, and the beliefs we have around our sexuality, what our sexuality actually means and what the energy of that is able to bring into our lives, then we would save ourselves a lot of this stickiness and  a lot of challenges.  If actually our foundations were nourished and strong from the beginning!

Even if we are not on a self awareness journey or spiritual journey. Still sex is the last place that people will want to look and attend to in life.

We will look at our financial flow, we will look at our success, we will look at our achievements , we will look at what we have. We were look at and project upon the other, our relationships, our work. We will attend to our health and our nutrition, our body image, our lack of satisfaction in life but we will still not attend to our sex.

It does not matter whether we are on a self awareness or spiritual journey or whether we are simply moving through life.

Without attending to our sex and our sexuality, our relationships of sex with others, and the relationship of sex within ourselves and what that means for our self and the potential of our sexuality … then there will always be something in our life that we come up against.  A financial obstacle, a relationship challenge, A feeling that something is missing and therefore always an external search.

So maybe it’s time it’s time we gave ourselves permission to let go of whatever may be in the way of us taking that step to attend to our sex and sexuality and make it the first place we look.  Rather than the last.

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