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Sensuous Moments…

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I would like to invite you to explore moments that already exist in your life…

“Opening” you to allow these moments to become  sensuous.

Our senses are our key to our body, our mind & our soul.  They are doorways to a more fulfilling, richer, loving life beyond the mind & seen, lived through the heart.

This is the true meaning of tantra.




Regularly… daily  for some,  we have a feeling in our genitals that we describe  as “horny-ness”  :-)

So often this feeling leads to masturbation or to the act of sex with another.

I ask that next time you feel this sensation in your genitals, that you do not act upon it… but instead allow yourself to simply “be” in it.

Rest in this juicy feeling, allow it to move up & through your body ...

This “juice” is not simply for the act of sex … it can revitalise your body, your energy,

heal your body,

bring creativity into your life & inspiration.

Bring sensuous moments into your daily life.


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