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Do I have to be naked during a tantric massage?                                                                                                      

This question is answered by each individual, to be perfectly honest with you.  I do not believe in one set way of being or doing, for everybody’s needs are different.

During a tantric massage it is the “norm” for you as the receiver to be naked.  This is so the whole body maybe honoured  & aroused  through sacred touch whether that be for healing or pleasure.  Your genitals are not separate to your body or who you are … they hold as much tension, emotions & trauma as the rest of the body & so massage of the lingam & yoni are highly beneficial to your whole being.

Tantra bridges the gap between spirituality & sexuality, mind, body & soul.

Some individuals who experience difficulties in feeling safe with intimacy &  touch, have been sexually abused or find sex painful,  feel more relaxed to keep underwear on for their first massage until a foundation of trust has been built between us & they feel themselves relaxing into my touch … as a tantric therapist, this is perfectly acceptable.

I follow the lead of each individual I meet & “listen” to the  unfolding of your body.   ♥



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