There is nothing as delicious as a dose of flirting to keep our relationships and sex alive and nourished ... 

In this fabulous conversation the gorgeous Cate Mackenzie, playfully reminds us of the value of flirting, play and joy in our lives … creating irresistible invitations for richer relationships and sex. 

Perfect to listen to with a cup of tea and a slice of something naughty 💕

Brighton Talks Sex available in bio, iTunes and Spotify 💕
In a world that is in constant change and adjustment, how do we maintain that we do not get distracted with external fear or our reaction to chaos.

Being grounded is a term often used and yet one, we can assume we are, without actually ENSURING  we are.

How we spend our day is an important reflection and requires a “tool kit” in maintaining our roots to secure we do not get easily misled, distracted, or buy into others beliefs or chaos as our own.

Our roots need a healthy relationship with our sex, our body, our self care, money, our belonging, our survival, our needs around security... home.

But is analysing and taking all these pieces apart with conversation the answer.

I believe not.  For analysing, thought, conversation takes us further into “air” into head ...
I believe the simplistic answer is to kindly feel into your body ... immersing into each breath as a wave ... 

Beginning with the navel ... the centre of you. 

In the womb the navel was the centre of your existence, your source of life, your source of nourishment.  Your connection to all you needed to survive and thrive.  There was no thought ... simply the connection with the pulsation of life through your umbilical ... your navel.

Upon waking before entering the world and before you get out of bed, breath and soften into your navel ... notice the rise and fall.

During your day, when you walk, bring all of your awareness into your navel as you walk ... feel the difference walking IN the world, from your centre.

Upon sleep ... put yourself home, back to centre with the rise and fall of unravelling breath.

Your day will change, your sleep will change ... your moving will change ... your interactions will change ... as you live your life from your body and not your head 💕
Body love is the most enriching, life changing gift we can gift to give ourselves.  It changes our world internally and externally. 
It changes the way we relate with not just our self but life and those around us.

It opens our world of sensation up and gives our “ sexy’” roots to expand from.

In this brave podcast the gorgeous Sophie shares with me, her journey home from self sabotage and trauma, back to her skin and bones … and the deliciousness of her sexy.💕

It’s Friday, a perfect time to pour yourself a glass and listen to Brighton Talks Sex “My journey back to body & Sex” on Spotify, iTunes.
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Your breath is a gentle kiss of devotion, between your body & the Universe 💕
After years of exploring my way back to bones, to flesh and not just knowing, but feeling I belonged here in this breath, in this body,

I understand where that un-ease of not being safe or belonging comes from.

I desire to gently hold your hand and share those stepping stones … back to you. 💕

My new gift to you has arrived in the world ... full of heart, compassion and tenderness ... an offer to explore a new relationship of love with your body.

An interactive video course for anyone with a body! 
Includes 16 videos of simplistic steps to integrate into the busiest of daily life. 
3 audios 
plus an audio bonus.
And 30 minutes of personal chat time with me for extra support or guidance.

Your investment: £147 for lifetime access and  a lifetime of love for your body 💕

All Interactive video courses available by  following link in bio 💕
The wound. A void of significant pain that we may choose to run away from and deny from every mountain top that exists. Living a life that constantly trips us up With its mirrors and so we exhaust ourselves with new tactics of distraction and up the game of blame and projection.

Or our wound is our identity,  our focus. We place all our attention and energy on this part of our being that we deem as broken and declare to all around us, that it will take a Lifetime, if not many to fix.

And yet the wound asks for neither of these approaches.  It does not desire to be unheard, buried deep, disowned.

Nor does it desire to be poked and prodded and classified the problem of all problems.

When we think of a wound on our skin, we do not keep picking at it as we know it will get worse, and we know to cover it up won’t offer It healing either.

If we create an environment around the wound, of care, love, listening, attentiveness, nonjudgement, no demands, no pressure. Yet gentle encouragement, the wound feels hurt, met. It has space to be breathe .

Our wounds  are not excuses for us not to show up, to be fully alive in the world.

Our wounds are not our stories to keep and define ourselves by.

Our wounds only ask we own them, we hear them, and with that unique medicine known only to our heart, we grow 💕
Belonging ~
To belong is a human desire, which grows in its intensity, the further we move away from being in relationship with our body 💕

Written by 
Michelle K Roberton@ 💕
How Am I Feeling? 

What do these four words do to my world when I let them close?

This question, so simple unfolds a journey of magic.

It provokes me often with a gnarly brittle finger … and sometimes with the lightest of fingertips … to “check in”, to get real.

Not scratch the surface of who I am so that life can bimble on by, but to really know myself today and attend to what I need.

It is not DEEP as in “Whooh, that’s deep girl.”

But it does have depth.


Down and on your knees dirty.

Of course, the answer is not always doom and gloom and maybe our assumption that it will be, is what prevents us from opening that door?

Life is, if we chose to see it, awesome!

Doom and Gloom only seem more frequent as we wrongly or rightly cling to it more with our labels, emotional attachments and confrontation of “Why the fuck are you here ruining my day AGAIN?”

Yet, look how easily we let the tickle of laughter, the warmth of joy, the secrets within a smile, a lover’s caress, a breath … all slip and pass by.  We don’t cling so stubbornly because we WANT this feeling … just not that one!

To ask myself “How am I feeling?” Gives me a valuable opportunity to pause.

To come home.

To “be” from where I am authentically at.

It drops me down from the thoughts of my head that seldom make much bloody sense *grin* and into this breath … and this breath.

(Continues in comments)
I ached for you. 
The longing a hunger. 
I looked and could not find you ...
and then I stopped and saw you were always there 💕

Written by 
Michelle K Roberton@ 💕
We are to marry our demons. 
Grow from the medicine in their wounds,
dance in their shadows. 
This is alchemy. 
Dissolving our fears into love, transcending our stories into sovereign gold 💕

Written by 
Michelle K Roberton@ 💕
"I swam to you, through the storms and mists of all my confusions, 
I did not know it was you calling my name, until I found you.
Held in your scent, the past dissolved and all it's ghosts. 
Like awakening from a dream. it's existence loosened it's grip from my tightened fingers.
And there I was.
With you.
In all of your beauty and in all of mine." 

Written by 
Michelle K Roberton@ 💕
Not so many days ago, Deepak Chopra added a post saying: “However good or bad, you feel about your relationship, the person you are with at this moment is the right person, because he or she is the mirror of who you are inside.” The response was huge but not with the usual praise.  Concerned and angry comments that I agreed with, as I could see how this does and could have put many vulnerable people in a further powerless place.  The words were not totally inaccurate, maybe some of the terminology was a bit thoughtless and unhelpful, and it certainly required expanding upon.

For 9 years I experienced a physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially abusive relationship.  I often pondered on this “old school” belief amidst the abuse and would as many that commented on the post would feel “Okay, so this is what I deserve.” “This is what I am worthy of.” “It’s my fault.”
“There is something wrong with me.” And so because of this internal conversation I stuck it out a lot longer than I should have done. I felt shit, powerless, a victim on the inside and yes, life gave that right back. 
Notice I said I felt.  My logical “grown up” mind knew that I was more than that, I was loveable, I could have more than this and what was happening was very, very wrong.
It was not easy to remove myself.  And what changed was how I FELT.

You see, we can have these very strong ideas and talk our talk without any walk… as somewhere maybe so deeply hidden and engrained in our developmental years, some  part of us does not resonate with our talk as truth, it is hurt, wounded, in pain, has not been given or taught healthy boundaries, lacks self-sovereignty, lacks power. 
I would notice I would say “No” but I would feel an ouch in my heart, or a lump in my throat and so my “No” was not heard.  I would say “leave” but feel sick inside of being the bad person.  I felt responsible for all of it.
I doubted my own truth over his, questioned my own intuition and sanity... lost all sense of who I was. 
With a lot of looking at my childhood, where all these abusive systems had wired into my sense of self as NORMAL, (Continues in comments)
Social media, our phones, the TV, our desire/attachments to drama, all have their place but when they become all consuming and a "must" in our everyday life, they create a distraction or offer an avoidance from truly hearing what our own rhythm of life is.

How can we hear our own voice, our own heart, our own dreams,
know who we are as individual expressions of life,  if our days are full of external stimuli?

I know I speak often of our breath, and hopefully with the passion it deserves ... because our breath is our greatest and most simplistic tool in life. 
Simplicity being the attraction ... for anything logical and complicated can only take us further from self, than closer to.

The breath reconnects us to our body, to life ... our sexuality and creativity. 
To our inner silence, so we may hear our own rhythm.  So we may know more of who we are and allow our actions to be a "rising" from our moments of be-ing.

We breath EVERYDAY, everyday ... and we trust it to it's own devises while we sleep.

I invite you to bring a little more FEELING to your breathe ... a little more time just being with your breath ...
And notice the subtle yet enriching ways the breath will show you YOUR way 💕

Need some guidance with the breath?

In “Intimacy with the breath” a 25 minute video workshop I invite you to taste three Tantric breathing methods that build upon each other,  as a simple and yet powerful process to reconnect with your breath, body and sensuality.

Your investment only £17.99 
Link to all courses and workshops in bio 💕
I felt you in my heart, and how you, 
my love, 
danced upon my lips ... teasing a smile.
As you filled me up,
the  light in my eyes created stars for you.
I love you 💕 

Written by 
Michelle K Roberton@ 💕
Dissolve has been a key word for me in the past few weeks.  It repeatedly came in my morning listening and so I watched the invitation to dissolve... allowed it in.
The methods found their way to me, once I accepted the invite... as they do, 
rather than the analysis of WTF does that mean ... as we do! :) Things ... beliefs, lingering attachments, outdated crappy boundaries... in my external and internal world, began to dissolve. 
When we watch something dissolve, it is effortless. A magical disappearance from something that seems so solid, so unchangeable, dissolve into nothing.

Dissolving .. Until I arrived to a place of velvety darkness,soft warm folds that I sank into.
Not labeled good or bad, or doom or gloom. Simply a darkness to curiously grow from. 
As I nestled into the silence, out of darkness there came a point zero.
And from point zero, there was a spark, a new consciousness, a new being and most wonderfully of all,  new choices.

When we do not resist and just surrender to the impulse, we find that life just keeps on lovingly whispering ... and we can as we let go of our stubborn grip, with absolute grace, dissolve away from all that we are not ... deliciously expanding into the more~ness of all that we are 💕
Love and trust are intimately entwined.  Without one, the other cannot survive.

Trust enables love to express in its fullest.  To dance freely ... no room for edges of doubt.  No questions need be asked ... When love is innocent without reason.

When love is visible in our eyes, known in this breath, felt in our caress ... between self, lovers, friends, our children... when love is life and life is love. 
Trust is there, holding love’s foundations.

Without trust, love cannot survive 💕
The most important person to trust in the world is YOU 💕

This trust is built upon keeping your word, walking your talk, keeping your self promises, listening to and honouring your boundaries.

If we step over or back down on our own boundaries, can we really complain when others don’t listen or respect them either? 
It is essential to our internal happiness, our health ... our self respect, to know and own our NO.

To know and own our YES.

And to allow ourselves time to pause if we are unsure.

Pour a glass of something perfectly naughty and take this Friday evening to chill and listen to my Brighton Talks Sex podcast exploring boundaries in and beyond the bedroom.

Podcasts in link or follow on iTunes and Spotify 💕
The last few weeks of my life have offered many shifts and adjustments, as I have settled into my new environment and the new space it has offered on all levels, to go beyond. 
This has, of course happened within a global time of changing gears 
Beyond our individual structures, habitual patterns and limitations ... and those of the collective. 
My throat has had a frog in it each day. Sometimes she sits quietly .., (its a lady frog) 
Other days she has let out a feeble croak. 
Some days it has hurt. And she has cried many a tear. 
Others she has burst into bliss filled song and scrumptious poetry. 
Other days she has been a toad and then the next a shimmering sexual goddess.

Expanding, contracting, adjusting, expanding. 
It has all been a new learning of  my voice. 
Knowing, believing, trusting, owning my voice in new ways ... not louder, it just has a an exhilarating power and a desire to touch and share with others as gracefully as my fingertips... To notice the voice of victim and let her grow beyond. 
There is no power in the voice of the victim, the survivor yes, the warrior yes ... absolutely!
Feeling the restrictive weakness and discomfort when my voice is coming from victim. The hands of suffocation. 
Meeting the voice of the child who had the birthright to trust she may ask and receive, stolen. 
To let her sing again and tell her wild and magical stories without being silenced. 
To meet the voice of the seductive doubts of the nonbeliever and claim the voice that knows it is an expressive flow of all creation and to own the power of her word, her story.

How apt this has all come to be seen and explored ... integrated and  owned ... in a global time, where all voices matter 💕
Body ~

Once upon a time, over many a sun and moon, I longed to belong ...
To belong with someone.
To belong in a place.
To belong on this planet.
To belong ... bloody anywhere!

I worried what others thought. I was anxious around people.  I people pleased and appeased... I adjusted and adapted and begged to belong. 
I built homes, relationships, a family ... I looked and looked in every nook and dusty corner for the longing to be satisfied... to matter ... to fit in ... to feel I belonged. 
Totally bypassing the possibility, that to authentically belong, without condition or reason, could only be truly known, truly FELT right here.

In root and bones.  In breath and heartbeat.  In skin and flesh. 
In no longer escaping from but owning and trusting this body. 
To FEEL you belong will not be silenced by the world around you, no matter how far you travel. 
For life changes scenery ... it’s faces ... it’s voices.  It’s ideals. 
To belong is to let go of the fear that holds you away from getting down into your own roots ... to be content and full in the rise and fall of the breath in your belly ... to hold your beautiful face up to the sun ... just as you, most perfectly are 💕
Good morning beautiful peeps 💕

I am very excited to be sharing Orgasmic Man with you, a interactive video course, delving into the deeper, true meaning of your orgasmic nature.
This journey will expand not only your experience in the bedroom but bring a delicious sense of aliveness to your body and your everyday life.

Allowing sex to be a rich, connected, fully satisfying meeting of heart, body and sex with another.

Making daily life, no longer grey and ordinary but full of colour and EXTRAordinary.

We will look at:

Your relationship with your body.

Your relationship with masturbation.

Your relationship with others.

What it means to be a multi orgasmic man … and most importantly how!

It will support you with:

Lack of connection to your body.

Lack of connection to your sex.

Body shame.

Fear of intimacy.

Premature ejacualtion.

Erectile dysfunction.

Anxiety around sexual performance.

Your levels of happiness and creativity.


Your quality of life and sexual interactions.

What you will receive:

13 video classes with simple steps that you can integrate into your daily life.

Audios to support methods discussed in videos.

30 minutes of one to one chat time with myself, taken as and when required for extra support or questions.

Your investment:
For lifetime access and an orgasmic life!

Link in my bio 💕💕

The Joy Of Tantric Sex.

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Pop, your feet up, pour a glass and enjoy ❤️

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