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Three Days After My First Tantra Massage With Michelle…

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Just had a bath & usually have to concentrate to get in my body & try to re-balance & heal things I can feel inside out of sync or not quite integrated… but I lay there & just felt like all my insides where balanced & integrated, whole… both the left and right of me.  

I don’t feel anything is missing on an inner level now. just feel like I’m being hugged and supported by a loving “male” energy, not something I’ve experienced before.

I could happily just be with myself right now as i don’t feel physically alone so much when I am lying there …I can feel this male energy present “holding” me and around me? It’s very comforting and nice… makes me feel whole and loved… Maybe you have awakened or brought out my inner male or something… I dunno what it is?!!

My skin & boobs & whole body feel different since the massage …and the great thing is I can really feel my skin. I feel in my skin.

My skin now feels delicious… desirable and receptive. I never noticed or was aware of that before… just how yummy and inviting skin really is.

I feel you’ve helped to awaken my awareness of being in my own skin …and how that can feel really good, instead of painful or limiting. You’re magic! Xx

Sally, York

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