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What To Expect In A Jade Egg Practice.

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The awareness of Jade egg has grow has rapidly grown, introducing this ancient practice alongside kegal exercises and vaginal Kong Fu!

I am not sure about the Vaginal Kong Fu personally.  Yes, it is essential to maintain and care for the physical health of our Yoni but tight vaginas is a unhealthy myth which causes women future problems, and for our men, ejacualting way before they would honestly like to.

Our Yoni muscles are designed to be supple and flexible for two main reasons ~ to mould and fit snugly around a lingam and to birth our babies.

Jade egg teaches us how this is possible by the way in which we “welcome” not force or shove, the egg in.

It is also, speaking from personal experience an extremely valuable “tool” for internal sexual healing, birth trauma and menopause relief.  Being in control of our own yoni healing is an essential part of reclaiming our womanhood and empowering ourselves to know we are able to meet the tensions and wounds we hold for ourselves, rather than the possible enhancement of trauma through internal yoni massage, given by another.

All that said.  With all the information available whether that be conflicting, utter rubbish or in alignment with the value of this ancient sexual practice for women, we can still be unsure what to expect.

In this video I chat about what to expect in a Jade egg session and the value of this practice.

I would love to hear your comments and experiences ❤️


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