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Jade Egg ~ Healing Our Roots.

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It is essential to our woman~ness that we heal our roots.

Without the connection to our sexuality and sensuality, the deep roots of our womanness,  we lack an aliveness.

Our creativity is dry, our lustre for life long gone, our sense of belonging non existent.  Life seems to have no colour, our skin holds no glow.  Our abundant pelvis is abandoned waste land.

Without roots, life will always feel just that little bit unsatisfying, like its just out of reach.  Sex will always feel disconnected to love, to heart.  Manifestation of dreams seemingly impossible.  And we never seem to quite fill out our own skin.

But what if being rooted deep in body, in sex, in your sensual wild self feels a painful place to be.

My own roots were ripped up and tossed aside at a very young age, it was far safer for me to be uprooted and as far, far away from my body as possible.

Yet there came a time that this old instinct for my survival became outdated and no longer served. It became more of a restriction like too tight jeans that we cling dearly to for we know them.  Something always felt missing from my life and there was … it was me.

Just like a tree we need our roots.  It is impossible for any living thing to grow up without growing down first, for where are the foundations to hold, support and flourish from.  We need rich soil and strong connected roots to grow anything that can sustain the challenges of  all weathers.

Jade egg was an empowering part of re~writing my sex. 

Mainly because this ancient method offered me the opportunity to be the happening, it was not something being done to me AGAIN.   It was just me and an adventure of discovery with a little, most powerful egg :)

I learnt to witness, hold, parent, love … be kind and patient with myself.   I learnt to listen and trust my body.  I felt my sexuality as innocent.  My relationship with my body blossomed into one of deep respect.  No longer shame or the sense of being tainted and broken.

And most of all I was no longer trying to escape to somewhere else but felt home in body and in sex.

Jade is a gentle stone.  It does not rush or force.  It somehow seems to just be a presence of permission to meet one self … not as life and all its trials has enforced upon our sex, our bodies as we transition from girl to woman, how influences has sadly designed us to be.  But why life created us to be~ing.

It allows a softening, a deep sigh that allows us to connect back and feel deliciously at ease in body, to “own” all that we are, in our amazing womanly bodies, rather than carrying our selves up and away from “down there.

Jade egg is my daily listening.  I know who I am that day, how I may best show up in the world.

It supports me to be grounded, embodied, REAL with myself and therefore life and those around me.  It connects me intimately to root, to body, to heart,  so I may deeply connect with others.

I would love to share Jade egg with you … and hear your experiences of how you reclaimed your roots. ❤️












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