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Are you a naturist tantric masseur?

In my tantric etiquette it states I am fully clothed.

I am aware that many tantric therapists & masseurs are naked as well as the client during the massage sessions.

Personally on your tantric journey with me, I wish for the focus to be on your body, your healing & your pleasure

I feel if I am naked the focus can be on my body & not what is happening within your own body.

This is not the intention behind my work as a  tantric therapist …

There is a fine & very confused line between erotic masseurs & tantric masseurs due to the unclear way in which masseurs advertise their services. Kinky Undies  is for erotic massage :-)

The therapist being a naturist or not, his or her “looks” is  I feel, neither here nor there as it does not effect the levels of arousal, bliss-filled experiences  or sexual healing that can be created within another human body.

However, if skin on skin is beneficial to an individuals healing, a natural unfolding of our sessions together or part of a tantric initiation, I am more than open to providing naturist tantric massage sessions. 



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