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What Is The Difference Between Erotic & Tantric Massage?

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There is a fine line in the western world between a tantric massage & an erotic massage, one which sadly seems to have become “abused” not only by some whom call their services tantric but those that seek them too … In this confusion I feel the  sacredness & the vast amount of doors to sexual healing, empowerment & enlightenment, that tantra & tantric massage can bless an individual with has been lost.

This deeply saddens me, especially in a time when tantra is rising from “the underground world” & being sought again by men & women.  Most naturally we are seeking it, knowing it can support the evolving of our relationship with our own sexuality, body, mind & soul … & in turn evolve the relationships of love, sex & intimacy we share with others.

In ancient times a tantric masseur would have been acknowledged as a high priestess, a woman of the light, a sacred prostitute, a passageway for men to be born … enlightened.

A “mystic”… She was seen & respected as a woman who owned her sexuality & shared her love & feminine wisdom. To be near her, simply her pure consciousness would bring about a catalyst effect for the healing & expansion of soul, love & consciousness of others.

An erotic massage, is simply what it says on the tin… it is what we share to “invite” sexual activity with a partner or a massage which offers an expected outcome.  It is an appetizer before sex or a  sexual release.  It is NOT TANTRIC.  Yes, both massages are sexual but one has an agenda, one is flowing.

 Both types of female masseurs are “temptresses”, highly sexual in energy but are owning & using their “sex” with different intentions. 

An erotic massage is simply for sexual satisfaction.  It has a goal & an agenda. There is no expansion on who you were before you entered the room, you will eventually return to the hunger that took you there in the first place… it is momentarily satisfaction, it does not feed the very depths of who you are, only the surfaces.

Often an erotic masseur will be naked or dressed in kinky, seductive undies which of course we all love the feel of another’s skin & the visual of sexy images but again this is using touch & vision to stay at a level of lust & not tasting beyond.

An erotic massage may also offer other sex games, sexual favours, such as oral sex & allowing herself to be touched.

An authentic tantric massage has no agenda or goal.  It is a delicious unfolding of each sensuous moment, allowing the body & the senses of each individual to dictate the journey … not the masseur.

Yes, it is erotic as in the pleasure is immeasurable, for sexual arousal is tantalised & built upon … but there is more depth to it than giving another sexual pleasure, there is a rich essence of intimacy, being honored by another … & bliss.  The possibilities a tantric massage offers are far & beyond what the ego can conceive or dream of.

A tantric therapist does not use her body as an object of vision, desire or sex but uses the pure power of her sexuality to invoke that power in others.

She is intuitive & breaths only this moment, this touch. She listens to the others body, heart & soul, not the animal instinct for she is there to help him/her “see” that there is more power to this longing than the act of sex.

She feeds the very core of your being, not simply the skin. 

She does not wear kinky bits & bobs …

She does not offer sexual services for she is guiding you to use your sexual energy to expand your mind & body  into spaces of bliss

She does not allow touch of her own body or yoni unless ~

  • it is part of a tantric teaching or initiation which is not given on demand of the client but as & when the client evolves…
  • when it is not an instinct to touch but a beautiful ripeness
  • when the other has learnt to be present in his/her touch
  • when the other has begun to own his/her own sexuality

I feel both erotic massage & tantric massage have a place in the modern world & both have value but I do feel it is essential that the two forms of “services” are recognised & most certainly advertised for what they are…  Firstly to give back to the roots of  tantra the respect, purity, love & intention it was created from & secondly so that authentic tantric therapists no longer receive requests or bribes for hand jobs &  oral :-)  


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