Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

Hey beautiful peeps.                                                                                                                 

Last week I sent out an invitation, offering to listen to and offer suggestions, to support your curiosities or resistance in relation to your Body, Love, Sex, Life or Intimacy.

This is the first video of  “Your Curiosities”.


“I want to be the best lover for my partner.”

I believe that when we let go of the responsibility for another’s pleasure and instead become our own source of pleasure, dive deep into our our sexual self, attend to our limiting wounds, our fears on intimacy, meet our self with love, devotion, and tenderness, we are not forcing or learning a “sexy” technique to make something WOW happen to our partner. We are the WOW! Naturally sharing our capacity to love, to surrender into … be intimate and to be in pleasure. ❤️



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