Discover The Healing Of Sacred Touch

This week “your Curiosity” was “what is sacred masturbation?”   

I believe Sacred can be bought to all areas of our life when we look at our intention behind the act, and our approach. Masturbation has been suppressed by much shame and the idea that it is purely for a release.
With a new approach and with a letting go of old habits and intentions, we can in truth, release our shackles of shame, allow our selves permission to expand into our full spectrum of pleasure, creativity and vitality and awaken our sexual genius.

Would love to hear your curiosities on Tantric life, love, body and sex … and the trauma, shame or fear that may be holding you back from being the fullest expression of who you are ❤️





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  1. Some great advice here… I’ve learnt to slow down when I masturbate, I’ve found new pleasures and sensations when I touch and massage gently and softly creating more arousal, a stronger erection and a more sensitive experience, the ice cream flavours point was very good, you don’t enjoy until you try..
    Thank you 🙏 ❤️

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences. The most essential key is always to slow down and to breathe ❤️

  3. Years ago, before I learned the discipline of tantric masturbation, I would have chuckled at the title of “sacred self-pleasure” or “sacred masturbation”. Through dedication and practice, I was able to breakthrough traditional self-pleasure and step into the amazing world of tantric masturbation. For me the key was the breathwork as I found it easier to overcome the other barriers of slowly down and rewiring our brains to expect great pleasures. Breathwork as taught in yoga, unlocked the ability to ridge numerous waves of pleasure without ejaculation. Once I was able to master this, I did indeed find the experience to be truly sacred and meaningful enough for me to incorporate into my daily yoga and meditation.

  4. Dearest John, I apologise for the delay in my response. I am delighted that you were drawn to share of your experience on here and it’s truly Lit Up to read of how you devoted yourself into expanding your capacity for pleasure and moving beyond habitual masturbation. I hope that of a man upon reading your sharing, will feel inspired to explore themselves in new, life in which in ways. Thank you John ❤️

  5. Michelle,

    It was lovely to see your kind response. I believe it my duty to share my life altering experience with others. It would bring me great joy to see other men to pursue sacred masturbation. I cannot overstate what it has done for me, and it saddens me that only a relative few get to experience what I can only describe as pure joy.

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