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Letting Go Of Friction Based Sex.

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I would like to offer the suggestion today, to let go of friction-based sex.   

In our society, our culture, friction based sex is the only idea that we are offered in our sex education.

That all sex is action based. Or sex is friction based.

This idea of friction based Sex definitely gets us from A to B!

From where we are, to where we want to get to … So let’s say to climax, to orgasm, to ejaculation.

But over time, it begins to desensitise us as women, for it is a constant pounding against our vagina walls, creating our vagina walls to harden .  In which, as we get older affects how we lubricate and can make sex painful. Purely because our internal walls have hardened to cope.

For men Fiction based sex over time desensitises their lingam to the range of  other pleasurable and possible sensations.

Dis-enabling the man to not be so sensitive to gentle, more caress and loving touch.

Of course in our sexual encounters we want to experience all flavours, all qualities of sex.

When we are so focused on friction based sex we are only allowing ourselves one experience of our sexual relationships and sexual interactions.  We are only allowing ourselves one experience of being with another.

So I am suggesting to let go, to just play for a while of letting go of the idea of friction based sex and opening yourself up and your relationship up to the other qualities, tastes and experiences of non friction based sex.



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