Life Altering Journeys After Sexual Abuse.

I have recently been honoured and deeply humbled to work with two incredible women who from a place of desiring to claim their body and sexuality back, contacted me. They have most kindly provided an account of their journey so far to offer a glimmer of light and an invitation to other women that there is […]

Guest Post – What Has Tantra Done For Me?

This is a guest post from my client Claire. You can read her previous blog here It’s been a few weeks now since I started on my tantric journey and to say it’s been full of ups and downs would be an understatement. So.. what has tantra done for me? In my latest tantric session.. This […]

Guest Post – What A Difference A Chat makes

This is a guest post from my client Claire. You can read her previous blog here Speaking with Michelle and writing about it helped me process stuff and I actually felt normal again – well, my version of normal – I even smiled. In fact I was surprised at how ok I was after putting myself through […]

Guest Post: My Tantric Journey Revs Up

  I’d like to introduce you to Claire who, together with her partner, have decided to start their tantric journey and have come to me to help guide them. I’ve decided to start them off on individual sessions to help them reconnect with their bodies and explore their own sensuality and sexuality, before taking them on their couple tantric […]

Three Days After My First Tantra Massage With Michelle…

Just had a bath & usually have to concentrate to get in my body & try to re-balance & heal things I can feel inside out of sync or not quite integrated… but I lay there & just felt like all my insides where balanced & integrated, whole… both the left and right of me.   I […]